Why I Wrote Love, Life and Beyond?

Why I wrote Love, Life and Beyond?


Love, Life and Beyond presents four major issues which change the predominant dynamics of two families. These issues are racism, drug abuse, death and the opposite side of the coin, spiritualism.

The idea of this story popped into my head around fifteen years ago.

At that time, I was completely into Gary Zukav’s The Seat of The Soul” I was first introduced to him and his ideas by Oprah who I’ve always been a fan of since she first came onto the scene of TV talk shows. This book became my bible at that time. I’ve always been one to share great img111 "Why I Wrote Love, Life and Beyond"knowledge of how we can enhance our lives. Therefore, I gave “The Seat of The Soul” to some friends and family. I was dismayed when they said it was too deep for them. Although I understood that by watching Gary explain his ideas on the Oprah show made it much easier to comprehend than those people just reading the book for the first time. However, to me I felt it was a great loss if they couldn’t bring this knowledge, in some small way, into their lives as I did. And so, this was the emergence of Love, Life and Beyond and the way it has blossomed.

I needed a story that could really illustrate how you the reader could witness many of lives problems from another point of view.

Hence the mentor’s advice.  I’ll tell you more about these fun non-physical mentors in a moment but first,  they say write what you know about. And so, the first issue in Love, Life and Beyond presents death and the fear behind its meaning to us.

I lost my two sisters and mom in a relatively short space of time and I was devastated. I became infatuated with knowing where they were. I read some great stories of near death experiences, commonly known as NDE, which kept pointing out that death was exactly the opposite to what we believe it is and certainly nothing to be afraid of. Anita Moorjani’s ‘Dying to be Me’,  is a great illustration of what I am talking about. Therefore, I started Love, Life and Beyond with the story of a woman, Anne, who dies in the first chapter to depict my idea of life after death. This is where these lovable mentors are first introduced, they often emerge throughout the story with their wisdom and actually talk to you, the reader, to present different opinions and sentiments of these situations.

The second issue presented in Love, Life and Beyond is racism, with all what’s been going on in the news media I think this is landing at the right time.

I am white and my husband is black to put it straight talking. These are the terms my husband and I have always used, so why change it to be “politically correct” now? We have three sons’ and six beautiful grandchildren. I know about racism first hand and we have dealt with many situations. I left my home in Leicester, England to live in Canada many years ago when I was twenty-four. I only have my husband’s side of the family here in Canada, who I love very much, in fact as much as my own side. We all get along very well and so I can honestly say that I have lived on both sides of this unclear issue, without any difficulty. I wanted to portray my husband’s side of the family in this story, they are mostly well educated, professional people and so this became the reflection of the lifestyle this “black family” in my novel, would represent. Anne, in the story is racist, dies and reincarnates as a black girl, Nova, whose mission in life is to change her forma family’s viewpoints on race issues.

I worked for family services and drug abuse affected many of the families we dealt with bringing with it many struggles and challenges.

So this was to be the third issue.  There are many of us that either struggle with someone in our family that are using or a friend’s family or a friend. Due to this I realized it was another issue I wanted the mentors to address.

Drug abuse is a far reaching disease which can devastate a person and their family for many years. Love, Life and Beyond expresses the heartache of this disease and the way it can rob the personality of the user as well as their families leaving in its tracks only ruination and devastation.

Gary talks about non-physical guides and teachers that actually work behind the scenes of our lives guiding us by bringing people, places and circumstances to move us forward on our journey.

In Love, Life and Beyond I used spiritual mentors to bring some fun situations in the story working inconspicuously on our behalf in the background of our lives, so to speak.

I was told not to bring the mentors into this story. Nevertheless, the story is quite able to stand alone for those who don’t agree with the mentor’s advice and opinions, or maybe think they slow the story down. If this is the case, the part the mentor’s play can be easily skipped because their advice does stand out by itself for no other reason than to move through the story without their particular viewpoint, if it is not what the reader wants at the time. I believe myself that they present the fun and logical side to these powerful issues, but that is of course my opinion. The mentor’s entire purpose, in this drama, is to bestow love and trust which they fling in the face of hate. They explain, as the story progresses, why we sometimes face such hard core hurdles in life, and how we can change these unfortunate situations.

This is a thought provoking book which presents powerful insights in a world of hate that can be changed with the power of love.

Love your friend, Pamela pamela