Wonderful Was What Had Been So Long Ago

Wonderful was what had been so long ago. Wonderful was what they had before time began to bring different things into their lives.

Before wonderful started to fade into the history of their story. Before wonderfulwonderful was replaced by something else. Something with a new feel, a new experience. Something that would alter the path of their journey and bring the picture of a new reality to them.


Wonderful was a fleeting emotion that had been present forever but was never ever lasting.

The emotion of new, of beginning, of hope and of potential. It is the emotion of the first glance, the first kiss, the story without history. The story without disappointment, mistrust, or jealousy. This is the emotion of wonderful. It is pure in its what could be. It is untarnished by actions of inconsistencies.


Wonderful is the feeling that is felt for a moment. In the moment it feels as if it will always be. It is a feeling that suggests it has no end, but wonderful is like a drug. It’s high is never as high as the first time you feel it. It’s never as wonderful as the first series of emotions that are pure and innocent. It is irreplaceable and unrepeatable in that exact way of the experience.


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Wonderful is only felt in its full intensity at the beginning of every new story.

That’s its purest form. One can spend the whole story trying to experience that same wonderful, but will never acquire it again in that depth. But there is a way to experience wonderful without starting a new story. There is a way to find wonderful in its purest form many times while still in the story of now.


There must be new stories inside the main story. New beginnings that can be experienced, will bring the emotion of wonderful to the story. It is in growth, adventure, risk, and challenges that wonderful can be new and pure again. It is in not getting lost in the old story but in breathing new life into the old story. This is how wonderful can be apart of the story over and over again. New is wonderful. New is pure and unknown. New is the adventure.  
So they injected wonderful back into the story in this way. It was a way to balance the Extremely exciting timessomething new that found its way into their lives. It was a way to continue the story and make it new again. It was the solution to the mundane. Removing the old stale air and breathing fresh warm air back into a life that was not yet ready to read the stories end. So wonderful was and wonderful is the story that they write. It is their life’s story.

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