Winners & Losers

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There is only one real difference between winners & losers; winners never quit.

Think about that for a moment. Think about the athletes that never quit. Think about the companies that never give up. Think about the people that you know in your life that never stopped trying.

They all had some key ingredients that they learned to master and use when needed.

The first is attitude.

You have to be very focused on your goal to never give up. You have to have a belief that every loss is one step closer to the win. You have to never let someone kill your ambition. You have to be confident in your goal and never lose sight of it.

It has to start in your mind as a thought that becomes a vision that you focus on every day and every night. This attitude is one that says “I CAN” it doesn’t matter how many have tried and failed. It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried and failed. Your attitude has to be “I CAN” followed by “I WILL”

A winner chases their goal like the goal owes them money. We have seen many people that have struggled and went on to be successful in sports and entertainment but they are not the only ones. Regular people are doing this in your city or town.


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Next is strength. It is mental strength.

Your mental strength will pull you through the losses and push you to re-up your ambition and stay focused on the goal. Mental strength is something that builds over time as you experience wins and losses. It enables you to have the confidences to take on the big goals knowing that the path might have many hurdles. This strength is the fuel for your ambition, it is the confidence that you build to drive your attitude.

Patients is third.

It is one of the hardest ones to master. Nothing ever seems to move as fast as it does in our minds. Patients reminds your ambition that there are many steps to becoming a winner and there are many lessons that need to be learned before you are ready to be a winner, but, if you can be patient then all of the work will pay off.

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How many projects have you given up on because they became too hard or they seemed like they were not going forward? When you put something into motion the universe will work toward that goal in its own way. Sometimes the route to success is not the route you had envisioned but it is your route, you have to trust and believe that you will reach your goal and breath. Take time to enjoy the journey.

Wisdom comes next.

It is borne when experience and patients come together and reflect. This is when you can take the time to learn from your losses and your wins and make a stronger plan. This is when you learn timing. There is a time to walk, a time to run, and a time to sit back and let thinks develop. Wisdom will guide you and let you know which skills to tap in to and when to use them.

sku-000700237 (1)In the book “Your Invincible Power” published by Balboa Press – a division of Hay House, I wrote about having a routine and having discipline. I wrote a chapter called “How does a sports team go from worst to first?” in it I talk about how we can apply the same methods and training athletes use in our businesses and personal lives. I wrote…

“What I had to understand is that to know is not success. Success is brought by action. Action is amplified and secured in success by discipline. Discipline is practice, dedication and routine. Routine becomes habit and habit becomes natural and natural is subconscious. Discipline regulates and monitors your success and enables you to focus on your goals. This is exactly what a sports team does. They have one common goal that they are all working toward, winning the championship.” 

This is what winners do. This is how you need to think and be in your work or business. Winners are not afraid of losing. They don’t like it but they know they can learn as much from a loss as they can from a win.

In business, too often people will try to do something and fail at it and never try again. They give up, they quit just because they failed the first time they tried. Imagine if you used this attitude in your first relationship?

How ridiculous would that be?

What about the first time you tried to ride a bike? The first time you tried to cook. I could go on all day with this.


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In the chapter I also wrote this…

“There are few things in life that you are good at the first time you try. Learning is a journey and success is earned and not given”

You need to understand this and make it part of your path to success. I have learned many things in my journey to success. One of the big things I have learned is that nothing moves at the speed I wish it to or envision it to.

Self Growth pageWhen I am ready to grow and learn, I am able to move to the next part of my journey. Sometime I am stuck on a certain stage until I see the answer. Until I let the answer in but I never quit, my ambition, my goal to become rich in wealth, health and relationships. My goal to teach others to become rich in wealth, health and relationships. My goal to win, to succeed, to reach achievement and start a bigger goal.

I write about being a winner and becoming rich because I want all of you to know that you can do it. There is a gift that is there for all to enjoy. It is something that you can learn and grow with and use to make your life spectacular.

Never give up, be a winner.

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W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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