Winners & Losers. She Said “______” and He Said “_____”

img_4259-close-upIt is in the words we choose that create the reality we live in. Those who speak the way that it will be will manifest that way.

The Law of Attraction teaches us this. It is true and never ceases to be true. Winners & Losers can be revealed by the words they choose.

As I watched the drama play out over the last 2 year of the American elections I listened to the words. Not the words that were said, but the words that were chosen. There were two words that each candidate spoke. They each used one of them but neither used the same one.

When Hillary spoke she spoke in tones of hope. She spoke of a possibility, of making history, of a potential outcome. Behind every sentence there were underlying tones of doubt. Signs that deep down in her subconscious she wasn’t convinced that what she wanted would manifest.

This is the difference with Winners & Losers.

There was one word that she said often through her run that spoke volumes and projected an imminent loss. But Trump used another word.

When he spoke he eluded an assuredness. He spoke only of confidence and conviction. In every sentence he defied the reality that we saw, and he lived in the reality that he envisioned. He hijacked the principles of the Law of Attraction and used them in a inharmonious way. There is a difference in the words of the Winners & Losers.

Before the first presidential debates I heard it and became alarmed. I told my wife that Trump would probably win. All because he used one word that is synonymous with the Law of Attraction. I tried to pretend that she could be more powerful than this law because she was working from the mindset of good intentions and Donald was not.

But this Universal Law is too powerful.

It isn’t exclusive to harmonious people. This Law is for all who choose to use it. It is further proof that the Law of Attraction is always at work for you whether you believe in it or not.

The subconscious mind offers clues. If you learn to read these clues you will become aware of how you truly feel about where you are trying to go. You will be able to understand if you are completely ready to allow yourself to have that which you are focused on.

Or is your mindset holding you back?

Are you words contradicting your actions?

Winners & Losers don’t use the same words. Are your words enabling you to manifest your future self?

Here is the difference. This is really why Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost.

She said “IF” and he said “WHEN”.

IF implies doubt, hope, unsureness, only a possibility but it doesn’t say I WILL. It is not an affirmation to the Universe of something you will experience. It is asking the Universe if maybe it could let you have this experience. It says that you subconsciously don’t believe you will experience it.

WHEN is an affirmation to the Universe that you will have it. It will manifest without a doubt. You believe on a subconscious level that there is nothing standing in your way.

This is the power of the Law of Attraction.

You build the idea in your mind, you affirm to the world that you will have it and then  you take action steps to manifest it. But most people get stuck in building the inner confidence to believe it. They struggle on a subconscious level to marry the feelings of having the vision they created in their mind. They cannot get past what they see around them in their present to draw to them what they see in their future.

This is the difference between Winners & Losers. This is why we teach people how to create the Mindset for Success. How to use the Law of Attraction in your daily lives and how to understand the power of your mind.

We teach people how to do what Donald Trump did in their lives but in an harmonious and loving way. This is why we teach, because the Law of Attraction is working in everyone’s lives so everyone deserves to know how to use it.

You deserve to know how to use it. We are ready to teach you. Are you are ready?

W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and coaching programs to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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