An new update on Where the Wind Blows (New Novel) Coming Soon


An update on Where the Wind Blows


It is now looking like Where the Wind Blows will be released sometime in January. I will give you some more info on this as soon as I know.

Thank you for all of you who are following the journey of this novel.

I give a heart full of appreciation.



This is the book cover for Where the Wind Blows .

"An new update on Where the Wind Blows (New Novel) Coming Soon"











The picture on the cover is from a scene in the book where Bridget almost gets raped and George Morley’s coach just misses running into her while she tries to flee. However, the old farmer, who is trying to catch up to her, has other intentions for her.

Please read below for more info on this storyline.

This is the scene in the book that the artist drew from:

Farmer Cankford had been taunting the young dairy maid for some time. Then in Bridget Turner’s fifteenth year, he insisted that she accompany him to the market in the village of Anstey. She was to help sell the butter there.

He had hardly spoken to her until they were about two miles away from the market. On the way back, with steel-gray-eyes, and his voice eerily cool, he said, ‘You’re a beautiful girl. Just like your mother was.’

A terrifying sense of foreboding washed over her. Her pulse raised rapidly when he pulled the cart off of the main track and entered a wooded area. The late afternoon was drawing in, and the still blackness of trees drew a dark cloak of dread about her.

He stopped at a secluded spot and turned in her direction. Roughly he placed his huge arms around her while she struggled in terror to be free.

‘Don’t skirmish so,’ he demanded, while his wet mouth and rank breath saturated her face and neck.

It was all that she could take when his large hand moved over her breast. In a panic she brought her teeth down on his cheekbone, and his body jerked backward which gave her what she needed, a chance to leap down from the cart. He blistered the air itself with his oaths before he jumped from the cart and chased her, but his fat body was slow, and he was soon out of breath.

She fled with such speed out of the woods and across the road that George Morley’s coach almost ran into her. In her fright Bridget hadn’t been aware of the coach. She entered a field and ran through long, straw like grass. She thought her lungs would burst when finally, she glanced behind her. He was no longer in sight.

   *    *    *

There is so much interest in this novel that I thought I would let you know what is going on with it. We are just finishing the final editing and reading. Therefore, I am hoping that it will be available on Amazon and all online bookstores very soon. I will let you know as soon as I know.

I give much appreciation for your interest and encouragement.

Love to you all, your friend Pamela

Here is the back cover:

Ben Walters moves from extreme poverty to wealth beyond his dreams which he pays the horrific price for when he is set up in a corrupt syndicate that he doesn’t have a clue about.

However, Ben is sharp-witted himself and through some ingenious ideas he becomes a man of influential authority.  He changes his identity to George Morley and becomes a "An new update on Where the Wind Blows (New Novel) Coming Soon"











forceful character with intentions to unearth the men who framed him and bring them to justice. Regardless, he is also a compassionate man and helps those impoverished people of his past which changes the course of his life.

Bridget Turner enters George’s life when she is only fifteen years of age. She is almost raped by the farmer she works for when George comes across them and saves her. She is younger than his own children and his heart sorrowfully goes out to her. Their paths move in many different directions until eventually they meet up years later through the affluent Giles family, who are behind the set up and George’s imprisonment. Although George doesn’t suspect the Giles, he constantly finds himself involved with them.

George again saves Bridget by helping her and her family out of the poverty-stricken life they are living. The friendship between George and Bridget builds until Bridget feels more like a daughter to George and he a father to Bridget. However, he is unaware of the heartbreaking secret that not only Bridget holds but through the Giles she has innocently involved his son, Quinton in. This deceitful connection in turn deeply hurts the one person that both Bridget and Quinton look up to and adore, George Morley.

Can they ever get passed this heartrending deceit?

*    *    *

The journey through this book takes the reader on a roller-coaster of deception, hidden secrets and murder.

I wrote Where the Wind Blows over twenty years ago; it was my first novel and I loved every minute of it. When you write historical stories there is a whole kit and caboodle of factual variables that one may need to authenticate a story. In the days I was researching these facts there was no internet and so I had to go to England a number of times from Canada to spend days in Libraries and find what I needed. At that time my sister, Yvonne, who lived in England was a wonderful help and took two buses to the records offices and literally wrote by hand pages of information which she had to decipher from hand written documents. I used quite a bit of that research to weave the many twists and turns together. I am eternally grateful to the memory of my dear sister Yvonne who has passed but who I know would dearly love me to publish this novel.

I am a Leicester girl who is now living in Canada and have been for many years. I am also someone who loves historical novels which prompted me to write this story. I started my website to promote this novel and then I got into Universal Laws and somehow Where the Wind Blows got lost in the process.

However, I decided to take another look at Where the Wind Blows and a strong voice was screaming out for me to publish this novel. Where the Wind Blows is so very different from anything I have published to this date. It is a murder mystery but draws to it the changes in the social structure and political attitudes of not only Leicester but England at that time. It spans from the years of 1848 – 1879.

I invite you to look out for Where the Wind Blows coming soon to Amazon and all online bookstores.


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