What is the Ego?

Most people look upon the ego as stamina and vigor but the ego is much more than that.

It is so powerful in each one of us that it can actually run our lives. It is masterful at keeping your thoughts on old negative ideas especially if they are linked to some sort of pain.

Countless ways

As children if strong negative emotions are not entirely tackled in particular that child may take the pain with it to adulthood. It then may manifest as anger, outbursts and mood swings among many. Much of the pain that shows up in adult life is due to the voice of the ego which is the voice of the pain that has long been left unnoticed. So often we do not understand why we feel out of control not understanding what is at play within us. These powerful feelings that the ego part of us personifies can interfere with and even sabotage any close relationships in our life.


The ego has many parts to it which may show in the voice of envy, jealousy, anger, blame, haughty, lordly and oppressive conduct.

The ego is our personal challenge in life. Our challenge is to tame it and become independent of it.

To tame it is to awaken and face those negative emotions. These may consist of feeling an addiction to unhappiness. Some people become so used to pain in their lives that they find themselves often in negative drama that actually feeds the ego. Most people are unaware of the ego and its ways and therefore oblivious to those negative situations that are constantly repeated.



Learn how to Tame Your Ego


We draw situations into our lives by the thoughts that we have. If we are constantly upset about what is going on we attach ourselves to those very situations that we want to avoid. If you are finding that you want to avoid a situation but somehow feel excited when that situation is going on, then life is telling you that you have a strong attachment to the ego, and that the ego part of you is fully in control of your life, not you.


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