What Adventures Live in the Depths of Memory?

And they traveled down…It was just as it had been. Nothing had changed. It was as if time had stopped. Time was frozen. It was memory lane.


highway-393492_640 amazing memory laneHe noticed an old friend sitting on a park bench so he strolled over to say Hi. The old friend’s face had aged dramatically. Time had not been so kind to him. The old friend immediately began to reminisce, speaking of adventures and events that took place long ago. It had been years since these stories were lived and yet the old friend spoke of them as if they were as recent as yesterday.


Mentioning every detail, capturing each memory like time was still fresh. As he listened to the old stories and witnessed the joy they brought to the old friend, he began to realize that the old friend was lost in the past. Time for him never really moved forward. As they spoke, he could see the clear picture. The people, the places, the routine had barely evolved since the days of old.  


He thought to himself, how could this be? How could my old friend find himself lost in the past? Why did time forget about him? Where were the new memories?


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Since leaving his friend many years ago his memory of those times faded as new memories came to be. He knew the adventure in life was in doing new things, seeing new places and building new routines. Memory lane was not an address to live in but a place to visit once in awhile.


But in this place, where his old friend lived, nothing really changes. All of the faces in his old friends life were the faces of those who time lost or forgot.They were the people who lived there future in the glory of old memories. The old memory was so vivid and so wonderful; because they replayed them over and over again. They lived it day after day at the coffee shops and grocery stores. They lived it in the text messages and Facebook posts.


Memory lane was a living breathing place for his old friend and the faces in his life. It was the place where he left his old friend in when he escaped the cycle of the mundane. It was a place of dreams that we never achieved. A place where “what if” was a solid thing you could touch. The “what if” memory of dreams that could have been.


Chasing the GoalHe felt sad for his old friend knowing that he couldn’t help him. Time had left him there because he didn’t want to change. He didn’t want to become the dream. He was lost in dreaming. As he sat and listened to all the wonderful stories of the adventures and events that they once live. As he pictured the events realizing that most of the details he had forgotten, he was grateful. Grateful to have found his friend on memory lane and grateful that he decided to learn how to chase his dreams.     


As the stories were spoken and the day grew old, time came calling. He got up from the park bench, shook his old friend’s hand saying goodbye to the memories, and he walked back to his future.

For it was time for him to have new adventures to remember.  

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