We All Want Money But Can We Think Ourselves Rich?

Money! Money! Money! Can you think yourself rich? Does it work?

If so, how do you go about it?

In order to answer this question, you must first determine what your subconscious thoughts are regarding money. When you read money, money, money what is your gut feeling?

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Your thoughts, in essence, create your reality. Money itself has no power; it is neither good nor bad. Your thoughts and ideals about money determine your beliefs about money.

If you grew up struggling with money and thinking that money was the root of all evil, then dollars-426023_640List a lot smaller "We All Want Money But Can We Think Ourselves Rich?"you probably still think that at some level. The attachment you have cultivated with money is lack and limitation. Behind lack and limitation is fear.  Fear is the basis of any money troubles.

Many of us get so caught up in the stress and strife of life that we end up repelling money because we spend much of our time focusing on all of our problems.

In the end, the only way to draw something to you is to focus on that which you want to draw to you, but that’s easier said that done when it comes to prosperity and abundance.

Think about those things you associate with money or those things you have heard about money. Money is hard to come by or money doesn’t grow on trees. You probably think that you never have enough money, and if you continue to think that, your thoughts will continue to become your reality.

These kinds of thoughts get stuck in your mind because whatever it is you are telling yourself day in and day out is what you believe. And what you believe you always attract.

Just like the analogy of musical chairs, that is what most of us believe. There is not enough for everyone, and eventually someone is going to miss out. This way of thinking becomes a way of life after a while.

What are the messages you are telling yourself from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed? You might be telling yourself that you don’t have enough time or that you bank-note free money "We All Want Money But Can We Think Ourselves Rich?"don’t have enough money. You tell yourself that money will never accumulate because you are stuck where you are and you cannot possibly earn more than you are earning.

This kind of thinking colors everything because it is what you are telling yourself all day long. In the end, your world is a creation of your thoughts, so if you want to draw money to you, you must begin by changing your thoughts.

How can you do this you might ask?

You can start by being thankful for the money you do have. You can look around and see that you are probably much better off than many people you know.

Instead of paying bills and being anxious or uptight, you can pay bills and feel grateful that you had the money to pay the bill, even if you haven’t got the money at the time. This is called letting go.  When you let go of your money with gratitude you bring more to you. This is a universal law. Since letting go of your money with gratitude keeps it in circulation. Money was introduced to us through the principle of distribution. To let money go is to let money flow. This is very important to remember. Universal laws tell us that if you are worried and in fear of letting money go then money cannot come back. People that cling on to money are actually stopping the flow of it into their lives. They then complain and worry and fear that this money won’t come back and they are right it doesn’t.

You have to essentially change the way you think and feel about money at the very core of your being. You have to understand this principle.

In order to think yourself rich, you have to feel rich. You have to feel like you have enough and that everything is going to be fine. Once you get to this place you overcome the fear of letting go and you begin to see the truth of thought that money will flow back to you.

You have to change the messages you are telling your subconscious mind by changing your self-talk. You can do this by feeling where your emotions are when you are paying a bill. When you feel anxiety your emotions are telling you that you are not in the field of letting go. You have to first concentrate on your feelings about money. When you monitor your feelings you can then start to change the thought. Coach yourself by saying, “This bill gave me…” Whatever it was you received, electricity, rent, mortgage, gas your personal stuff, groceries and the list goes on. Be grateful for what you have and change the feeling that you feel from resentment to gratitude. Be conscious that you are fortunate to have these products. Realize that you got them through circulation and that someone else is doing a job that needs to be paid for. Why should you resent that person from having a job that brought to you such wonderful stuff at the time you purchased it. You see, this is a sharing universe and as soon as you can let go of your money it can come back to you easily.

This is the way you build on your thoughts by understanding the way the universe works.

It is unbiased. It is invincible. It doesn’t let you go without it is you that is using wrong thinking that wants to stay on the path of limitation.

So feeling emotions is first and foremost. On account that emotions actually vibrate the messages we send out to this universe. These messages actually vibrate what we want to see manifest in our lives. When we feel really good about letting go of money then we know that our thoughts are in the right place, where they need to be to receive abundance in all we want. So monitor your thoughts somewhat, but monitor your feelings a little more. Since feelings will always tell you first where your thoughts are. When your emotions come from anxiety then you know for sure that you are using fear as the basis of your thoughts you will feel it in your chest and gut.

We all have a right to our inheritance which is unlimited money. We all have a right to abundance in all. The way to see through this is by visualizing ourselves living a prosperous life. If we cannot get to that place in our thoughts then we cannot get there in our lives.

So you have to feel it. Feel your way to where you want to be. Stop complaining, and be grateful. Don’t complain to others. Don’t resent your bills, after all you wanted that stuff to begin with.  This is what is called building. You build onto each thought and feeling little by little. When you build you are moving up the ladder of positive conscious thought to a place where you want to be. Eventually you leave the doubts behind and you can clearly see yourself as being prosperous.

You then start to see money entering your life. Just like your thoughts and feelings little by little more money will flow to you. People, places and situations will show up. Ideas will be provided in place of those negative thoughts so that you can move forward in prosperity. It has to. It is a universal law. The more you build the more you will feel your way to prosperity.

Change the message and tell yourself that you have enough and that you are getting wealthier every day. Feel it.

You can also use the power of your imagination by closing your eyes and seeing yourself enjoying wealth. I know this seems silly, but it does work.

The most important part is to feel the feelings and emotions that you equate with being wealthy. Because the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between reality and imagination, it believes whatever you “program” into it.

What you are essentially trying to do is raise your financial set point. We all have a certain number that we believe we cannot move beyond.

By building feelings and thoughts you will raise your financial set point and move beyond limitation, little by little.

So the next time you find yourself complaining about the lack of money, remember that your thoughts and feelings over money become your reality.

That’s it for now; just remember you CAN think yourself rich.


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Your Friend, Pamela

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