W.T interview

In this new interview W.T talks about the book You Invincible Power. He explains that this power is inside you.

W.T talks humorously about working with his Mom in the segment entitled “Way out here” He gives a unique take on this Invincible Power and talks about how famous people such as Jay Z, Oprah and Obama tapped into it to build their success.

In the interview W.T also talks about the experience of self publishing. Your Invincible Power is published by Balbao Press – a division of Hay House. In the interview W.T. talks about the hidden benefits of working with a self publisher.

He talks about having to make a change to make his life better. He touches on the time that he didn’t have enough money to buy Christmas presents and how this self empowerment has made a huge difference in his life.



The video was directed and edited by W.T’s 12 year old daughter Bree. She has a You Tube channel where she video blogs about makeup and fashion and has many subscribers. This is the third video that she has done for Your Invincible Power and the next one she will do will be an interview with Grandma (Pamela Hamilton)

We are all looking forward to seeing what Pamela will share with us.

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We enjoy writing these articles and hope that they have an impact on you. Our goal is to help people to understand how to use focused thought and self empowerment to do the things that looked impossible or far fetched before. We were just regular people before we began to develop an understanding of this Invincible Power. Once we started to learn how to use this Power to make our lives more exciting we couldn’t wait to share it with other.

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