There are some people that become really hurt about circumstances that they find themselves in. They blame someone else for where they have arrived.

The more thought they give to what happened to them, the more hurt they undergo themselves. These people often carry on in revenge wanting to hurt that person who hurt them. The problem img092 Vengeancewith this is the deep hurt that they experience only becomes more intense when they add vengeance to it. The “sweet revenge” they seek can only connect to more of the same, in other words, that person will reap the pain they dish out. This is a loving universe. Revenge is out of harmony with the universe.

  • When giving out thoughts with vengeance, that person will mirror back what thought vibration they are sending out. Like attracts Like.
  • Vengeance is deep seated in negativity, and can only serve negativity back to us. There is no other place for revenge to go.
  • Vengeance limit’s a person.
  • Bitterness and feelings of resentment can only hurt the giver. It doesn’t have the power to hurt anyone else.
  • Vengeance is molded in hate and anchors the person in the negative energy field, not able to move forward.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Gautama Buddha

When someone is looking to retaliate, that hurt only grows worse within themselves because in most cases, the person they would like to take their revenge upon may not even know that they have wronged them, therefore, that angry energy only festers and becomes worse to the one retaliating. It will not hurt the other person.

  • Forgiveness is the way out. The only way.
  • Forgiveness allows the person to free themselves of the hurt the other person placed upon them.
  • Vengeance is always mirrored back.

  • Forgiveness is in harmony with the universe.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t have to be shared only recognized.
  • Vengeance is draining and brings harm to the one using it.
  • When you understand the power of forgiveness, you can set yourself free and move on. That person will not be able to hurt you again. This is the promise of a loving universe.

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Your Friend,  Pamela


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