Adding Value. 3 Ways to Impress Your Boss. Learn these Techniques Right Now

Adding Value: We all want recognition for a job well done.

We all want to feel appreciated.


We all want our Boss to know how hard we work, but how do you know if your Boss even notices you? How do you know if they are aware of what you do on  a daily basis?

I consult for a growing company and this is one of the big questions that I face. Managers feel petty to even bring it up. It is a hidden concern that seldom gets addressed. But it is very important to understand and is a great tool for building your success. We all need to focus on adding value.

So here are 3 ways to impress your Boss using the technique of adding value.

 1. Schedule your activities

Making time for everything you need to do in a day can be impossible at times but if you schedule your day into blocks of activity you will find it becomes vastly easier to complete the various tasks and assignments. And you might even start to look like a miracle maker.

It is one of the things I learn when I read the book, ‘The One Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson.

I apply it to how I block my day. If I am consulting, I am not emailing or answering phone calls. I use different increments of time depending on the activity. Some blocks of time are 15 minutes while others are 45 minutes.


Always respect the time limit and try to get the most out of the time allotted. Once I taught the managers I work with how to do this they see a huge improvement in how much they could accomplish each day. And guess who else noticed? That’s right, their Boss.

2. Everyone is your customer

This one should be obvious but in real-time it is often forgotten. Each person that you come into contact with is your customer. You are providing them with something. It could be advice, friendship, or service.

Your customers are external, internal and personal.


It means that you need to treat everyone with value and you should be focused on adding value to their experience with you.

In consulting, I will ask the managers to extend this to the people they interact with at the coffee shop, the gas station, and the grocery store. Extend it to their family. Always think about the customer experience they have with you. Pose the question. Did you add value to their lives even in a brief encounter? It could be as simple as smiling at them and saying Thank You.

While driving in Michigan my GPS broke down. I needed it to get to where I was going so I had to make an emergency stop at Best Buy. Quickly I found a GPS and went to the cashier. I was coming from Canada and had limited data on my smart phone so the GPS is critical for travelling in the US. Explaining my plight, I highlighted to the cashier that they were a lifesaver; stating how much I appreciated them. This was genuine praise and we both left the transaction feeling good.

Creating this habit of acknowledging people and making the customer experience a great one everywhere you go will definitely translate naturally into your work life too.  And guess who will notice? That’s right, your Boss.

3. Under Promise, Over Deliver


I discovered this technique while consulting for a current company. Their motto is Under Promise, Over Deliver.

It’s a great technique because it forces you to build in extra time in any completion dates that you set for yourself. When you get into the habit of doing this you will find that you are automatically set up to handle any unforeseen setbacks and you can still deliver on time.

The awesome part is, there seldom are any setback because you are using the first and second technique in this article, so you end up getting things done right and ahead of schedule. It also gives you time to double check your work before you sign off and close the project, activity or task.

This is a critical part of my toolbox for success and I remind my clients to use it too. I even use it at home. It really keeps everyone happy, adds value, and positions yourself as someone that does what they say their going to do.

And guess who loves people that do what they say their going to do? That’s right, your Boss.

Have you noticed that none of these techniques involves you directly letting your Boss know what you are doing?

You are simply adding value to what you do. You are making your activities count and have a positive impact on the people around you. Just by doing this your Boss will notice you and they will acknowledge you. It is a proven technique that brings positive results every time.

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