Updates, Why!?!?!

It seems like every month if not every week there is a new gadget on the market. There are updates to programs for your computer, there are new social media sites and must haves. How can you keep up with technology?

I use to hate the constant updates to the programs I use. It seemed like every time I use my PDF creator they are asking me to download the latest update. My iTunes account continually wants me to update it. It is like they are playing a game with me to see if they can drive me over the edge. They want to drive me crazy and when I break down and up-date the program, all of a sudden I am lost. It doesn’t work the same way as it did before I updated it. WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?!computers updates

Once I calm down and I get it figured out I realize that this new version is better than the last one and everything is good for the next few weeks until they come out with a new update. The question is, how can you keep up with technology?

Well, you have to accept that everything changes just as the seasons change. We are in a tech age and everything is becoming tech crazy.

They have smart boards at schools and cars that parallel park themselves. My car has a UBS port, I can charge phones and computers and I can tell my car who to call!?! I went to the car dealership the other day for a service and they told me my computer system was due for an update!!!

SO, we can’t get away from the tech, all we can do is get use to learning new things all the time. We no longer live in a world where you can learn something today and you’re good for years.

This is a harsh reality and it is not as easy for us 40 plus age group and older. Back in our day we went to school and maybe college or university and then we were done learning. We didn’t need to learn anything new in the 90’s. We already knew it all. Then Y2K came and things started to change but you could still get by on your old knowledge.

Not today, if you have a cell phone it is probably already out dated or it needs an update. If you bought a computer last year, the OS is already old. If you have a TV and it’s not a smart TV, you guessed it, it’s out dated. Maybe you can update that too.

The only way to keep up with the tech is to keep updating your programs and gadgets and never get too use to how well you know how to navigate them. Don’t worry, just as you get use to using it or get good at it they’ll update it for you. You’re welcome.


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