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hour-glassHow much time do you invest in your financial knowledge?   Successful people make a statement then put it into action and reap the benefits, unsuccessful people make excuses.  – W.T . Hamilton. Taken from the book, Your invincible power    Published by balboa press – a division of Hay House                                                                     

My Belief

I believe that each situation we find ourselves in is intentional and has been drawn to us for a reason. I also believe that we need to learn from that situation before we can grow. In life there are a multitude of hurdles designed to challenge us and force us out of our comfort zone. We always have a choice, ignore it or acknowledge it. The first choice is very simple and self-explanatory so let’s look at the second choice. Acknowledging the hurdle is very difficult to do at first. It will seem like a bit of bad luck but once you repeat it a few times you will be able to identify a pattern and this will give you the hindsight to look for a way to change the pattern. The pattern will most likely be spread over a long period of time but rest assure it is there. What you will also find is that there where opportunities to change the pattern at every hurdle but you ignored them as this is the natural and safe thing to do. It is time for an awakening, to look at things with new eyes, to unlearn what you have learned to date and re-educate yourselves.

Ask yourself… Why are you here?

I believe we are all here for one reason, to seek, acquire and secure joy and happiness. There are four tools needed to acquire and secure these.

1)       Health – invest in your health and take care of your body and mind.

2)       Relationships – seek and secure positive relationships with all in your life and push away the people that look to keep you down or that do not encourage you to grow.

3)       Money – It is hard to secure the first 2 if you’re focused on the lack of money.

4)       Gratitude – This is the most important tool in the box. You cannot really and truly have number 1, 2 or 3 if you lack this tool. But let’s focus on the money tool.

Let me ask you this question.   Continue reading How much time do you invest?