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What If You Decided Now is the Time?

What if you started acting on the ideas that came to you? What if you started listening to your intuition?

These were the questions I asked myself at the end of October 2017. I found myself getting bored with the routine I had. I started experiencing the Lull. You probably know that feeling. When you feel like you’re just sleepwalking through each day.

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I said to myself, ‘Where’s the excitement?’

I had the success but those are just bright moments in a series of moments.

I thought, ‘How can I extend the feeling and energy of those bright moments?’

What I did next led me to receiving the question, What If You Decided Now is the Time?

I started talking to myself out loud. Hey I know, that’s what crazy people do, and people with that Blue Tooth thing in their ear!

I asked the questions that were in my thoughts out loud. I started speaking to what I could not see but somehow I felt the presence.

Well it turns out someone or something was listening to my thoughts.

The energy of the feeling, the harmonics of the words, the power of the law of attraction brought into my thoughts the question. This one question ignited my immediate journey and gave birth to another exciting direction.

time, success, law of attraction

I suddenly found myself excited about the journey again. I had a new challenge, something I had never done before but thought about a lot.

I launched a Podcast show on YouTube.

By deciding that NOW is the TIME this one thing led me to launching inspirational and motivational online training.

And like a domino being pushed over it set off a chain reaction leading me to creating a membership area featuring Breakthrough Mindset Training and Money Abundance Master Training.

All this was possible just because I decided Now is the TIME.

I acted on my ideas. I put action into the law of attraction. I received a challenge. I ignored the usual excuses, ‘I don’t have enough time, I don’t know how to do it? I’ll get to it later.’

I gave myself permission to GO FOR IT NOW. And I was rewarded for letting the law of attraction guide me to it.

Imagine what could happen in your life if you decided NOW is the TIME?


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