The Mentor Was a Wise Old Man

The mentor was a wise old man. He had lived a very interesting life at a time when knowledge wasn’t as readily available as it is today. The mentor always seemed to have the answers, even to the questions that didn’t exist in his time.


So he sat quietly and told the mentor the story of his old friend. He spoke in detail, for a few minutes, of the day at the park bench. He spoke about his old friend being lost in memory lane. And then he asked the question…”Why is my old friend holding on so tightly?”


There was silence. The mentor didn’t say anything. The room was filled with an emptiness, the unspoken quiet. Neither said anything more. The mentor was there but he wasn’t there. The mentor was somewhere else. Somewhere where the answers to questions are found. So he sat in silence waiting for the mentor’s response.


aaa the mentorThen he heard a voice in the silence. The mentor spoke. But he didn’t offer an answer, he posed a question. “Do you hold onto things that you should let go of?” “How do you know when it is time to let go?”


This question stirred in his mind. It puzzled him. He was the one who turned dreams into reality. He finished things before he started new things. He didn’t hold onto things tightly. But in the silence he knew that he did. He could see that some things in his life were hard to let go of. Some things were so natural, so comfortable that letting go seemed like the worst option. Some things seemed like he couldn’t live without.


He knew the mentor wanted him to face these very things. He knew that the universe had guided him to his old friend for this very reason.

He and the mentor both knew that there were things in his life that he needed to let go of. There were things that were no longer serving him in his life but he was holding on to them tightly for fear of not having them anymore.


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He knew that the mentor was guiding him to find the answers. Just as his old friend sat on memory lane holding onto the past glory of days that had faded away, so was he holding onto past relationships whose best days had long since past. He knew that growth could only happen when he let go of these things.


In the silence of the meeting the answers were abundant. The message grew clearer and clearer. The mentor spoke without speaking. The mentors question brought to him the answers he needed.


Holding on is not letting go. When something is special to us we hold on in fear that we will never experience it again if we let it go now. But for the universe to give us more and to help us grow, we have to make room for the new by letting go of the old.


This was the message that the mentor gave him. The mentor gave him the ability to answer the question.

The mentor always had the answers. He now understood the purpose of meeting his old friend on the park bench that day. It wasn’t to help his old friend. It was to help himself. It was to see clearly with his eyes wide open. It was so he could feel secure in letting go.

And so he unclenched his fist. He opened his hand and he released that which he was holding onto so tightly.
He let go.


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