The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health

Part Two

The Law of Attraction in understanding Health.

I didn’t receive the Law of Attraction until I was a few years into my so-called illness. Unfortunately I had lost my youngest sister and then my mom a year later and then another sister two years later. It had been a terrible time and I remember how I had cried in my doctor’s office on one of my appointments with my rheumatologist. I was so heartbroken. My sister Yvonne had been my closest friend although we were both living in different countries, she in England and me in Canada. However, that never stopped us from communicating in anyway we could.

(Before we go any further—for those who haven’t read part one—this is the second episode, the first being :‘Invincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness’. This was originally  going to be in book form. However, it is more important to serve it to you here, I believe.) 

Continued: We skyped, we text, we phoned and sent facebook messages to each other and we physically visited each other whenever we could. We would often laugh about how much we were in touch. My sister had survived breast

ZOE_0050 "The Law of Attraction in understanding Health."cancer, but unbeknown to us it had spread to her colon and stomach and she died within a week of her second diagnosis. I was in total shock and my doctor was concerned. She told me that a death, especially one that tore out your heart, like my sisters had done mine, would send my illness spiralling even further out of control than it was. Despite the fact it never did. At that time I had not given up on my recovery, and what I now know, which I didn’t then, is that the message of recovery was actually seeping deeply into my subconscious thoughts.

How to Allow Health back into Your Life.

Universal knowledge and the Law of Attraction had arrived on my doorstep of hope after ten months of daily mourning Yvonne’s death. It came to me in a strange way. I was in Wal-Mart and I saw a book written by an author that Yvonne had suggested I read previously. I picked up the book and although I was interested in it (due to it being Yvonne’s suggestion) the storyline didn’t grab me and the book was very thick and heavy. Yvonne and I shared the love of books and often had good conversations on an array of novels. I didn’t buy that particular book and the following week I regretted it so I decided to go back to the store to buy it.

To my dismay the book was gone. In its place was a Law of Attraction book called The Secret. I had never really understood this law although I had read of it. I picked it up and had a very strong feeling that this was meant to go home with me. Without my possibly knowing it at that time I had taken the first steps in what would be my complete recovery that day. I came home with it and again just like Gary’s book I was mesmerized by it. Yvonne, I believe to this day, wanted me to stop grieving and move on. She had sent me a gift–this same gift I now have the privilege to share with you.

So here it is:

Each and every thought that we think is taken by the powerful and mighty Law of Attraction and mirrors back to us what we have been thinking. This happens constantly, in other words it is working in your life whether you know it or not. When focus is given strongly to any subject it will manifest into your life. All what is happening in your life is due to your focus on a subject. However, it will only manifest when there is some momentum going on. In other words you have to focus on what you want. 

Our mistake is that when we focus on an illness we give it more life. Everything in the Universe including you and I are energy. Very Powerful Energy.

In fact we have that much power within us that no one should suffer with a disease of any kind. When we focus on our so-called illness we are giving away our powerful energy, we are losing it to a diagnosis. In other words our illness has been doused with negative energy, and just like dry grass saturated with petrol your illness will spread like wildfire in a forest. This is why the illness is able to grow and make us feel worse. The Law of Attraction doesn’t judge, it just mirrors back to you what your predominant thoughts are.

The problem is we do not believe that we have any control over illness. We believe almost anything that we are told. Unfortunately doctors are trained to look for a problem that is why we go to them. And because they are focused on a problem to find a solution, then by the Law of Attraction they usually find a problem. After all that is why they have gone many years to school to be educated in problem finding with our bodies.

When I started to understand the Law of Attraction and other universal laws I started to see great changes take place in my life. I decided that I wasn’t going to be crippled up and my joints became stronger.acc2

I really visualized myself strong and healthy and felt the way I did before my illness. I was still taking the medication so I asked the rheumatologist to cut my medication down. She did a little with the methotrexate but she wouldn’t with the other pills warning that my illness would progress if I were to follow my intention. Of course the idea of that momentarily threw me into a panic just at the thought. And so I kept taking my medication…

I eventually learned to understand about our cells. When I say understand them I mean I became fully aware of their function in our body. This is a very important step for you to do also. And this is why: our body is made up of around fifty trillion cells that interact with each other. Each of these cells are a living, breathing, feeling organism. Imagine that! They are like little armies taking orders and doing their work. These cells respond to the information that they receive from the subconscious mind. In other words when we believe that they will take care of our body they will. Appreciation, I learned, goes a long way.

It is just the same as when you do your job, you enjoy being valued. Most people actually excel when they have been acknowledged. We all relish that appreciative pat on the back at times. Well let me tell you this is very important to your cellular cells also. In fact when you don’t acknowledge them they can’t keep in balance and don’t work as hard for you. Within these anatomically simple looking cells is a complex world; our smart cells actually employ technologies that scientist have yet to fully fathom.

A Positive First Step in My Recovery

And so a great lesson I discovered was to always bless my cellular cells. I think of them as my little armies inside of me making sure that everything is working well. When I started this I noticed a feeling of health. I visualized them all working around the clock to “fix me up.” I gave them full faith that they could return health back to me.

Methotrexate was originally made for cancer patients and then medical science discovered that it was very helpful for rheumatoid arthritis also. My doctor couldn’t tell me the reason for this but had full faith in these pills and wanted me to stay on this particular pill. However, it was the one that I stopped taking first. I decided that if I was going to have faith in these universal powers we are given along with my powerful cells then I would have to go ahead and end my rendezvous with these particular pills. I did and I kept saying constantly how good I felt. I was successful and didn’t even feel a twinge of discomfort or regret. I then started to cut down on the Hydroxyquine and Sulfasalazine. The doctor warned me that if I was to follow this course it was only a matter of time before I would be running into agony again. And so I kept taking them.

I was watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on Youtube one day and he introduced a doctor by the name of Bruce H. Lipton, PH. D.

When doctor Lipton did his stem cell research in 1967 (yes you heard right and we thought that it was new!) he took three culture petri dishes, each dish had stem cells that were genetically identical, these cells were split into three groups A, B and C. A formulated muscle cells, B-bone cells and C-fat cells. Think about this, they came from genetically identical cells which means that they should have produced muscle cells which was their origin.

The science of reasoning would defy the odds against this outcome. When Dr. Lipton changed the environment that they were in they either flourished or they died according to whether the environment was healthy or unhealthy. When he changed the cells that were struggling for life or dying to a healthy environment he found the cells were influenced to heal themselves and thrive. The fate of the cells demonstrated clearly that although these cells came from genetically identical stem cells they were able to change and function to what environment they were introduced to. This concluded that it was not genetics that had control over these cells, as medical science had always thought, but the environment they live in. In other words our mind cultivates their environment.

I went onto watch quite a few of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s youtube videos and I bought his book “The Biology of Belief.”

In the, “The Biology of Belief” he explained: “The new science of Epigenetics, which literally means “control above the genes.” has completely upended our conventional understanding of genetic control. Epigenetics is the science of how environmental signals select, modify, and regulate gene activity. This new awareness reveals that the activity of our genes is constantly being modified in response to life experiences. Which again emphasizes that our perceptions of life shape our biology.” Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D.

Dr. Bruce Lipton calls us a skin covered petri dish! I love that term.

Researchers have come to understand that when the body's immune system is impaired by worry and fear, we label this stress. As now known by research the result of stress is a suppression of the thymus gland. The thymus gland is associated with the immune system. The thymus serves a vital role in the training and development of T-lymphocytes or T cells, which is a critical type of white blood cell. T cells defend the body from potentially deadly pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. These are the agents that cause disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or fungus. Those cells which have the specialized task of taking care of the thymus gland cannot launch a protective immune response if the body is rendered weak by anxiety and dread of what's to come. The gathering of negative thoughts are counteractive for our cells to respond be continued next week.

Join me in Part Three: The Importance of Our Cells and How they Work on Our Behalf.

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