The Importance of Our Cells and How they Work on Our Behalf

Our Powerful Cells

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Part One: Invincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness.

Part Two: The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health.

Your body has reserve cells. The understanding of these reserve cells is that they repair any part of you that your intention is focused on. They rely on signals from the brain. This is why so many people that are told they only have three months to live practically die on the three month anniversary. This happens because the signal that has been given to these amazingly intelligent stem cells is that they should give up all life in three months and they do.

The fact is, these stem cells have intelligence to run the show and give you perfect health if you trust and believe in them. Did you know that when a person gets sick with a virus an immune cell is called in to create a protective protein antibody against the virus or attacker? In the process, the cell must create a new gene to serve as a blueprint in manufacturing the antibody protein. These new cells are created for back up for the next invasion of this virus. These cells have memory and store it until further use is necessary. Our cells also create sophisticated communities which assign workloads. These intelligent, thinking cells arrange their communities far more adequate and efficient than any systematic well arranged Corporation running today. This is the miracle of what our cells can do for us.

This is The Science of Epigenetics

The more I read and undermicroscope cellsstood about these little fellows efficiently running every part of my body the more I could see their power. These tiny little complex cells that can only be seen through a strong microscope are critical to our wellness. They are always bringing themselves into balance and the positive messages that you give them will keep them in balance. Despite this fact when we live with negative messages of untruths about our power this is an hindrance to our magnificent cells and they cannot adequately re-balance themselves.

What more proof could I ask for? I now trust in them fully. I came off of all my prescribed drugs and put my complete faith into my immense army of cells within.

I have never returned to my doctor and never regretted that decision. It has been quite a few years now and I can honestly say that I am pain free. My fingers recovered back to their original flexibility with no disfigurement. My joints are nimble. I give appreciation constantly to my cells. I know it may sound strange but I also know that my cells hear my gratitude. Giving gratitude is a must. In my mind I can visualize them all working for my well-being, which they do.

Every cell in your body is intelligent and will respond to your direction. The cells are all creators and will create the exact pattern which you give them. Therefore, when perfect images are placed before the subjective, the creative energies will build a perfect body.
The Master Key System. Charles Haanel, (1866-1949)

>Other Mistakes People Make.

I understand that when you are in pain it is difficult not to observe it and when you constantly commiserate with this pain you feel you can’t help but to talk about it. But here is the hard part of moving back to health that the majority of people can’t do, that is not to dwell on the illness. No matter what you have been diagnosed with talking about the illness gives it energy and once anything in life as energy it multiplies. Energy is movement. In other words the more you focus on a subject whether it is illness or something other, thoughts you are giving will multiply. The Law of Attraction always matches what you focus on. And of course when we are feeling negative emotions because we’ve been told there is no cure we are unable to take our mind away from this doomed sentence.

We then talk about it. In fact they say it is healthy to talk about it. I am here to tell you that if you dwell on it in conversation or thought you will definitely become worse, it is a universal law.

The reason being is that the Law of Attraction gives to you what you think and talk about all of the time without exemption. And so the more you speak about your illness or aches and pains the more the energy vibration is sent out before you. The Law of Attraction responds to what you are focused on and then gives to you more. Each thought that we give to an illness will increase it, because with each thought you are adding energy. This powerful Universal Law works in the positive and the negative, it does not discriminate between thoughts. It’s only job is to give to you what you send out. And so if you are miserably in pain and you keep your mind in the pain field and talk about it this law will give to you more pain. I understand that it is really difficult not to complain when you are feeling so much pain. I have been there in that same place. I was in tremendous pain but refused to talk about it.

bacteria-108896_960_720Why it is easy for people to get sick and become worse is because as soon as we know we have a sickness we become emotional. We are already sensitive to illness from the messages that we have long been given. Some of us become melodramatic according to what we have. The enigma to this is when we set strong emotions forth we are sending before us powerful vibrations, and the stronger your emotions are the more you seal the deal of what you are attracting. So with the Universal Law of Attraction the more you talk about your illness with emotion, the more pain and illness is heaped on to you. Thoughts that do not carry much emotion will not mirror back. Thoughts which you give intense concentration to will manifest. This is why illness is so prevalent these days due to the intense degree of emotions involved.

What helped me through this was the fact that I had a mom that completely ignored illness, and the interesting part of this is that my mom had numerous illnesses from the day she was born. She was born with chronic asthma, and perforated ear drums, which in 1922 was practically ignored if you were from a poor family which my mom was. Throughout her life she had numerous health problems and operations and spent most of her childhood in hospitals. Even so, she never complained and was the most positive person to be around. And so my learned behaviour was not to talk about my diagnosis.

I never hardly spoke about how I felt or what pain I was in. I still went to work in pain and did my job. I remember a Social Worker saying to me once, “You must have had a great weekend you can hardly walk today.” I replied that I had sprained my ankle and we both laughed about it. Some days it was really hard to get through but I didn’t want to acknowledge it; at the time I was just looking for a solutions to get it out of my life. This is what gave me a step up towards returning to health. I am very grateful for my mom’s approach to health. Therefore, I feel the need to emphasize that you do have to find a way to boycott talking about your illness. This is a must. Try to visualize yourself with great health again. There is a great exercise to help you gain this power which you will find towards the end of these blogs

A Limited Perception of Health.

There are many cases that prove this limited perception of health can change. There are people that have been dying who suddenly get up leave their hospital bed and say they may as well live their last few months in pleasure and enjoyment as much as possible. In many cases these same people have witnessed a full recovery. This happened because those negative thoughts have suddenly lost all power. In other words the illness itself lost power and the cells of that person found their balance once again and got to work on the job at hand. The person suddenly wanted life. Life, once again, was a part of their subconscious and it gained power whereas death lost power. Sometimes these people make such sudden recoveries that the medical society can only scratch their heads with incredulity.

Also it is well documented that to influence the mind with false truths of illness impacts the emotions with psychological consequences. Your diagnosis cannot help but hand you a bucket-full of stress. On the contrary, in spontaneous recovery, there’s frequently a marked increase in the capacity to live and an awakening of the importance of love as a healing factor. When a person reaches this stage of love and belief in their own power they can effortlessly move away from that negative field and back into the circle of life. It has been recorded countless times that this positive approach to life also enhances immune function to a great degree…to be continued.

From my son and my book, Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy,” I wrote about a very dear friend of mine that went through this same scenario that I have just mentioned. Next week, in part three, you will read her miraculous story of how she went from three months to live to recover completely from cancer, back to health…

This is continued from a previous blog, ‘The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health’ (Part 2) Following this blog is: (Part 4): Cancer, A Positive Approach.

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