Text messaging: Don’t Call Me, Send Me a Text!!!

Text messaging can be a powerful communication tool. It is a clear and quick way to share information with someone in real-time.

Go to any public place and you will see a flock of texters texting in a sea of text. But the how’s, why’s and when’s of the text is where the power lay.

So let’s look at when to use “Don’t call me, send me a text!!!”.

In business people like to send emails. They send emails as a reminder for an upcoming meeting. They send emails as a follow up on a meeting or conversation. They send emails to ask questions and find answers. Emails are great but when you want to reference one or look up an older one it can become time consuming especially on a smartphone.

text messagingSome people ignore emails or have a habit of waiting until the end of the day to address them. But have you ever noticed that most people don’t ignore your text? Even if they are in a big meeting they will text you back and tell you they are in a big meeting. If instead you called them, you will go straight to their voice mail, never knowing why they didn’t answer.

Sending a text also gives them instant information.

We live in an instant world so having the answers right away can be critical to a deal or situation. In the era of the smartphone we have full access to search engines and can get what we need quickly in the midst of a text message conversation.

A text is like a log. All the information you gathered from the contact is right there in a series of text messages in the palm of your hand. You don’t have to search your email history, try to remember the subject matter, try to remember the date, everything is right there and will stay there for months.

It is also a great way to stay connected with someone without taking up their time.

You can send a “Good morning text”, a “How are you text?”, a “call me when you get a minute text” and forget about it. When they have time they will respond. How many times have you called someone and they told you they are swamped right now and will call you back, then you don’t hear from them the rest of the day?

But with a text the reminder is always there. Staring at them every time they check their other messages. Here is the other beautiful thing about text messages, it will tell you if the person read your message. Unlike voice mail or email, you know that they read your text. The information has landed and the receiver got the message.


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Another benefit of the text message is, you can have personal conversations or discussions in public places and still be discreet.

It is real-time and prevents things from building up and boiling over. It is a great way to argue with someone because you know for sure that they are listening to what you have to say. They are getting the message and they can read it over before they respond. You have better control over what you are saying and how you are saying it. Just don’t say anything that you will regret because it is recorded and undeniable.

I think the best and ultimate reason that text messages are better than a phone call is, when you go to the store or you need to make a decision on something you have a list right there. If you’re not sure about something like a choice in purchasing similar items you can send a picture and ask the person to help you choose.

I know every time my wife calls me when i’m at the store asking me to pick something up it turns into a list of things before the call is over and I always say, “Send me a text, i’ll never remember all of that!”.

Consider all these benefits before you choose your method of communication. Each person you interact with has preferences and your communication tool should match their needs. You have a better chance at getting a response from your kids with a text than you do with a phone call. Other people like the personal touch of a phone call so one way doesn’t fit all. The most important thing to remember in being a good communicator is this, It doesn’t matter what your favorite way to communicate is, send your message in your receiver’s way of preference.

The text message is becoming the method of choice as the information era grows so don’t call me, send me a text, please.


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