Terrorist, Friend or Foe?

Terrorist attacks are endless news in these times it seems. But who are the terrorist?

Who do they represent? Do these terrorist exemplify their sect, religion? Do these known terrorist express their own families, religious group, government or even the view of the country they live in?

Yesterday we had our family picnic at the pleasurable Kelso park and conservation area here in Ontario. The park transforms from a ski and snowboarding locale in the winter to a labyrinth of mountain biking, hiking trails, and a wide assortment of picnic areas and a beach and boat area. Our family found a lovely shaded section with picnic tables to place the variety of food which was contributed by all.

At one point my cousin and I hiked up a small embankment to the washrooms where we found ourselves in the midst of a couple of hundred people from Eastern culture. I hate to refer to any culture in such a broad manner however because I have no idea of this particular cultures religious sect I am left to generalize and refer to them as East Indians.

My cousin and I left the washroom and a gentleman very kindly invited us to join them in their celebration. He was offering us food and drink and then we were joined by others also very enthusiastically trying to persuade us to join them. I jokingly said that we also voices whisper "Terrorist, Friend or Foe?"had our large family down the hill, and they implored us in a very pleasant manner to bring them all. My cousin and I felt the energy of love and warmth in their quest, and so in our appreciation we took some desert back with us which seem to please them.

As we made our way back down the hill we surmised that these people were giving us, and other people an alternate to the beliefs that we may have summoned through the media and the many attacks around our globe, that these malicious terrorist who have planted extensive fear around our planet do not represent all Eastern culture. I was aware that the Indian culture are known for their privacy. And so it seemed to me that they stepped out of their box to send a strong message that we are all of one, a whisper of love, so to speak.

I believe strongly that we shouldn’t look at these terrorist who presents fear and see them as representing the whole nation.

Even as private as these people are I see that many of us stand back ourselves in judgment of these distinct cultures before we know anything about them. We all have our differences; we don’t always get along with our own siblings that have the exact same DNA has we do. And so how can we judge others harshly due to those few terrorists who revolt against established authority in such an evil-intentional way? I am not trying in any way to minimize these many grievous attacks, I am just asking that we see the good and kindness in those that, as we, would never condone such heartbreak and pain on anyone.

digital-art-398342_640 farewell "Terrorist, Friend or Foe?"In my estimation their message sang out loud and clear. I saw people not terrorist, I felt joy and harmony, not fear and hate. I sensed friendship not hostility.

The act of kindness that was given out from these people made my day even more wonderful.

I hope that their message was taken by others in the way it was given, from the heart.

Your Friend, Pamela


Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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