Technology and the Negative Effects

Technology is absolutely amazing in moving us forward on our life journey because it helps us to do things that we could never have dreamed of in years gone by. We can reach to every corner of our world with our message instantly without any inconvenience, money or action and we do this with ease. It’s proved to be phenomenal and changed our way of life completely. However, with every positive thing that is accomplished life presents ways to show us contrast. Be warned we can also become a victim of this technology.

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This new technology also introduces to those that live in poverty new ways to deceive those (they believe to live a rich and undeserving abundant lifestyles.)

My husband and I was watching a program called W5 the other night, one of Canada’s current affairs and documentary programs. I don’t usually watch these sorts of programs because I don’t believe in inviting fear into my life. Even so, my husband called me to watch it with him because the researcher’s in this program were talking about a scam that had been attempted on us. This was done through a telephone call. A message was left; they are clever and made the first part, the part that should have said to whom the message was for, muted as if it had somehow been cut off. A man said he was an officer from Canada Revenue. He was accusing someone in our household of a tax invasion. He threatened arrest if someone didn’t call back right the way. The man gave his name as a Canada Revenue officer, making himself sound quite legitimate. We didn’t call back but those who do or take the call right the way are told they have to pay large amounts of money if they don’t want the RCMP to come and arrest them. They go on to tell them how to pay.  They do this leaving no paper trail. It was a well thought out procedure which thousands of Canadian’s fell for.

The investigation took them to India, a call center. The building was about three stories high. Young Indian men and some women were employed and they could earn cash and be paid that same day so this was very tempting to them. They were told that these very rich Canadian’s have so much money that they can afford it and not to feel guilty or bad about what they were doing. They literally taught them to interrogate the people and the more money they could acquire the greater the cut for themselves. A poor lady in Canada told of how they had got 25,000 dollars from her within four hours of interrogation from a man claiming to be an officer of Revenue Canada. She didn’t understand it and she spoke of how her mind froze. All she could feel was the fear of being arrested and going to jail.

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When we got this same message left on our phone I didn’t worry because I knew that me and my husband didn’t have anything to worry about. Due to it being left on the voice mail I assumed that it was a wrong number, however I thought I would mention the call to our youngest son, who was still living with us. When he came home from work he listened to the message and with sharp thinking he called up Revenue Canada right the way who told him it was a scam that was going around and that they would never ask for money over the phone.

In the mean-time this call center in India has been shut down but not before they had taken many millions of dollars from thousands of Canadians.

A spokesman from India said that this will not end with the closure of the call center in India. In fact, he said, “It more than likely shown young Indian’s who are desperate for money an easy way to earn money.” He believes this is just a start to many more similar scams.

I don’t believe in spreading fear. This blog is not to spread fear but to introduce vigilance to those vulnerable people that would fall into this web of fear. I watched that poor woman who wasn’t rich, in fact the opposite to that. She used three credit cards and maxed them out. Now she as to find a way to pay the credit back. There is no paper trail because they actually got her to buy itune cards and give them the numbers which would be sold back on the internet. This was one of many ways they would obtain the money. This lady didn’t even know what an itune card was and just did what she was told out of fear and panic.

The young Indian people doing the bidding of those master-minds behind the plan were also victims and many were arrested the day it was closed down and now fear for themselves. I say they are victims because they are desperate for money, sometimes just to feed their families. The problem with this is when money is taken in such a deceptive way, no matter how it is done, it will never give out joy. It will never give abundance to those that are unjust, it can’t, it is a universal law. They, the master minds, will also eventually be penalized for it and lose it. The master-minds behind this may not seem to be punished, regardless, universal laws work and are active constantly no matter what we may think we see. When money is not obtained in harmony it cannot bring prosperity in any way.

When we understand that we don’t have to take money from others, that there is always enough for us all, we will reap those benefits in harmony with universal laws. Think wealth, move out of the path of fear and losing money, for then you will not receive a call from a predator and allow it to move you to unwanted situations.

“Every man who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him the ladder by which he rises, and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him, and inspires them to do so.”  

Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich.

 On conclusion: Don’t fear technology. It is wonderful. Just be vigilant against those that use it for selfish deeds. Thoughts are powerful. Always think positive thoughts, don’t allow people to move you onto the pathway of fear. If someone threatens you feel through your instincts your own power. You are stronger than the predator. Always remember that no matter what they may threaten.

 If you believe, you will always be safe within this harmonious universe.


Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company.

22 "Technology and the Negative Effects"

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