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Is a Coincidence Really a Coincidence?

When you meet an old friend that you haven’t seen in years and you have been thinking about them prior, is that a coincidence?

When something happens to you and then another related thing happens and both may seem to be amazingly odd at the time is this just incidental occurrences? If you start to really examine what you would call coincidence you may find that they happen far too often to be coincidences.

The saying, “Everything happens for a reason” has become quite common these days and it links with what we call coincidence. Things that happen are put forth by your thoughts. Those thoughts which you focus on at length show up in your life as coincidences. Your focused thought is very strong and brings with it powerful energy forces either negative or positive.

This is something that you can easily experiment with. If you purposely focus on a thought, maybe to meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, or haven’t heard from them, you will magically either meet them or they will call you. At that time you will realize that it is not a coincidence to suddenly see them, right? Continue reading Is a Coincidence Really a Coincidence?