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Staying Focused: Why is it So Hard to Do?

Why is it so challenging staying focused on a goal until it is achieved? Why is it so easy to switch from one thing to another? What does staying focused really mean?


There some great words to say when you’re at the beginning of the journey and you’re trying something new. You’re always excited about it. But what happens after you go 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, doing the same things and you still haven’t got to that level that you want to be at? What do you do? Continue reading Staying Focused: Why is it So Hard to Do?

The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health

Part Two

The Law of Attraction in understanding Health.

I didn’t receive the Law of Attraction until I was a few years into my so-called illness. Unfortunately I had lost my youngest sister and then my mom a year later and then another sister two years later. It had been a terrible time and I remember how I had cried in my doctor’s office on one of my appointments with my rheumatologist. I was so heartbroken. My sister Yvonne had been my closest friend although we were both living in different countries, she in England and me in Canada. However, that never stopped us from communicating in anyway we could.

(Before we go any further—for those who haven’t read part one—this is the second episode, the first being :‘Invincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness’. This was originally  going to be in book form. However, it is more important to serve it to you here, I believe.) 

Continued: We skyped, we text, we phoned and sent facebook messages to each other and we physically visited each other whenever we could. We would often laugh about how much we were in touch. My sister had survived breast Continue reading The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health

How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box

In our book “Your Invincible Power” I spoke about my work in Family Services, which was a great eye opener for me. I was deeply moved by the parents that struggled with life through wrong choices. The consequences were great, their children were taken away.

Those parents believed that the circumstances were beyond their control and grappled to understand why this had happened to them. All had their story, and with each family we, the access workers, were drawn to them to a certain degree and they to us. Of course doing a job that was so wrapped up in rules and regulations certainly limited most of our association with them to kindness at its best. This tied our hands to help them any further than our job required.

What I have learned since then is that following a path that moves us to step out of that so called ‘Box’ that we have become comfortable in can lead us to a life that we choose "How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box"instead of one that is dictated to us. We all have a choice to do this. Continue reading How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box