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Winners & Losers. She Said “______” and He Said “_____”

img_4259-close-upIt is in the words we choose that create the reality we live in. Those who speak the way that it will be will manifest that way.

The Law of Attraction teaches us this. It is true and never ceases to be true. Winners & Losers can be revealed by the words they choose.

As I watched the drama play out over the last 2 year of the American elections I listened to the words. Not the words that were said, but the words that were chosen. There were two words that each candidate spoke. They each used one of them but neither used the same one.

When Hillary spoke she spoke in tones of hope. She spoke of a possibility, of making history, of a potential outcome. Behind every sentence there were underlying tones of doubt. Signs that deep down in her subconscious she wasn’t convinced that what she wanted would manifest.

This is the difference with Winners & Losers.

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