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Flight to Jamaica!

Flight 1802 to Jamaica!

Frequently bothersome situations take place when going on long trips, example: the flight that takes quite a bit of time and patience to get their. In the past me and my husband have endured flights that have really taken all of our patience example: at the check out in the airport I had been asked to take articles out of our carry on case to redistribute them through other cases because of overweight issues on the flight, which, as you can imagine becomes quite embarrassing. A lesson was soon learned, always weigh your carry-on case as well as the others!!  055 "Flight 1802 to Jamaica!

Another time my husband had forgotten to remove his bug spray to the cases that were going below, and had left a can in his carry-on luggage, therefore it was taken away, because you cannot take aerosol cans in your carry-on luggage. You should have heard his complaints after that!! Continue reading Flight to Jamaica!