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Tomorrow. Each Day Brings Us a New Opportunity

sunset at port stanley July 2012 (640x480) tomorrowTomorrow. Each day brings us a new opportunity to improve and grow. No matter what happened yesterday, today is unwritten.

This is very important to keep in mind when you are learning something new. It is essential  to know when you are trying something new or taking calculated risks. As long as you have a tomorrow you have another chance to be great. The tomorrows’ are the stories that we are writing today.

I always keep this in mind anytime I am faced with decisions that have a variety of outcomes. I don’t play the what if game, instead I consider how long it will take me to get back to where I am right now if the journeys end finds me in a place that is not what I wanted or expected. I always focus on the end result and I try not to worry about the how.

Now this is not easy to do and I often have to correct my thinking;I can get wrapped up in the how before I know it. It is a discipline that will take time to develop and secure. You must practice each day to become stronger in your belief and commitment to this new way of thinking.

I am a risk taker. I am very comfortable risking money to have the chance to grow my money. I don’t call it risking money, I call it investing money. My goal is to become rich in money, health and relationships.

I use tomorrow as a safety net. It gives me a certain security to know that I can correct my journey as I go if I find that journey going astray. The study of the natural laws has helped me to gain control of my mind and to help me to develop a positive attitude on a daily basis.


It is always waiting around the corner for you. It is one of the challenges you will face as you learn and practice positive thinking. As you first learn something new it is amazing and will be on your mind all the time. You will follow the rules and routine and start to feel confident in it. The more success you draw to yourself the faster things seem to go and soon you may find yourself too busy to follow all the routines and methods. This is when it may find you and you regress to a less positive mind.

No worries, tomorrow is also waiting for you. In your tomorrow you can rewrite your path and bring all the methods back into your life to continue your journey.

The stronger you get the less you will regress and the more you are able to do. Learning is the key to growth and success. Learning to think with intent will open the door to your peak potential.

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Learning is a journey and success a goal that is earned not given. 

I know that I can write my own future. I know that I can bring that future into the NOW. I invested time into my financial education, into my spiritual education, into my health and fitness and into my understanding of the natural laws. Learning is one of the tools I use to help me gain the advantages needed to bring my future into the NOW.

Know that tomorrow is yours to make what you wish. This is part of the invincible power that you can discover and learn to use. This invincible power can open up a new world of potential. It can make dreams a reality, and journeys amazing.

Find you’re What and learn how to bring it into the NOW. Dedicate some time each day into understanding this invincible power so that you can have a better tomorrow.

My journey has lead me to opportunities that I could not reach before i learned how to utilize this knowledge.

I am excited about tomorrow, I look forward to tomorrow and as I put yesterday’s tomorrow into action I am grateful for all that I have achieved and all that I will achieve.

I wish you many great tomorrows and exceptional today’s.

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Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.