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5 Easy Ways To Create More Time

Finding the time to do the things you want may seem hard but with a little effort and some planning you can pick up minutes throughout the day and week.

Here are 5 easy ways to create more time for your business or personal development.IMG_0943 "5 Easy Ways To Create More Time"

The Early Bird Gets The Worm.

It is true. When you start your day a few minutes earlier you have gained valuable minutes. Maybe there is some quick and easy work you can do on the computer before you start your day. If you are running a part-time business and you are trying to build your social media presents, utilizing this time is a great way to do it. I always post on twitter and Facebook in the early hours before my day starts. It is an easy way to create more time.

 The “To Do List”

Making a list of the things you want to accomplish for the week is a great way to stay on task and create more time. It is easy to sit at the computer and get distracted by emails, You Tube videos, Facebook & Twitter feeds. Making a list of what you want to accomplish each week will force you to set time aside to tackle it and keep you from watching the latest dancing cat video!

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 The Working Lunch

That’s right. Instead of sitting in the lunch room or going out for lunch, log into your personal tablet or account and tackle something on your list during your lunch break. Make sure you are using your own resources and time, maybe you need to work in your car or drive to the park but it is a great way to gain time to build your business or work on your personal development.


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 PVR Your Shows

This one might sound strange to you but if you PVR your shows you can work on your business or personal development and not miss anything. Try to use your time to complete your list. When you need a break you can watch one of your shows and then go back to work. Plus you get to skip the advertising so you spend less time in front of the tube and have created more time for you.

 Relax and Have Fun

You need to enjoy what you do and have fun doing it. It is a lot easier working on your projects or yourself if it is something that you want to do. If you are doing it for any other beer-438463_640232reason it will feel like work and you know what happens when it feels like work, you try to find excuses not to do it. Make sure whatever you are working on is a fun way to spend your time. Have a beer or drink wine while you are working on your projects at home. This will ensure that it doesn’t feel like work. Play music while you work and take time to interact with those around you.

If you are feeling pressure or stress while you are working on the project, stop and take that TV break. Do not let urgency into your plan. Keep it fun and relaxed. Your goal is to create more time so you can work at an easy pace.

And remember, if fun is not on the menu, you need to change the restaurant.

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