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Assumptions: Do They Serve Us?

Why do our thoughts often lead us to assumptions? We are investigators by our natural make-up, which leads to assuming what others are thinking or doing.

This is how it works for some of us: when our friend disappears for awhile from our lives most of us start an investigation in our thoughts as to what may have happened between this friend and ourselves. It could be that the friend is very busy or that some emergency has come up and they haven’t had chance to let us know. Or it maybe something private that they don’t want us to know.

However, through our scrutiny we often make assumptions that they are upset with us. When this happens we tend to look for a cause that isn’t always there. We roll over the facts as we see them and delve into conversations and possibilities that could have triggered this upset between us. Through all of this inquisition we lose the simple logic that this probably doesn’t have anything to do with us after all.

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