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When Skepticism fails

I was a skeptic, I only believed what I believed and everything else was just a fantasy. I based everything on what I had already lived and seen.

Skepticism was my shield from anything that was outside my norm. Skepticism was my safety net from anything that was strange, anything that I didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand. I held it tightly, I kept it close to me, I never let it get too far out of sight.

I experienced things that were seen as being very lucky and I chalked it up to luck every time. My whole life was a series of lucky circumstances and at the time I didn’t know aboutSay goodbye to the Drama ebook cover facebook 3anything other than luck so I just considered myself lucky. Skepticism helped me to think in these terms. So I walked this path for many years. Sometimes I would move to the other side of the room if someone started talking about things that I thought were way out there. If I started to find it interesting skepticism was there to remind me that I don’t think like that.

But then one day skepticism failed me.

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