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The Secret to getting Different Results

The Secret: Like everything in life there is a secret that needs to be followed to achieve any given goal. There is a formula that you must implement.

Many people have talked about and taught the secret to this and that. We wrote about this secret in the book “Your Invincible Power” This secret is very simple and very complicated at the same time. So let’s look at it and see how it works.cyborg-438398_640 "The Secret to getting Different Results"

What is the secret to getting different results?

To get different results you need to do one thing and do it well. You need to change!  Change how you see things. How you approach things. How you handle things. Change is the secret to getting different results. In the book we write, “it’s never too late to change. See things through new eye’s…” It is this change that is so simple and yet so hard to accomplish.

In the book we write about the importance of change. The problem that many people face is that they try something new but they are the same person as they were when they tried that last venture. They keep getting the same results because they are approaching every new opportunity with the same ideas and mind as the last venture.

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Intentions, What are Yours?

Do you have intentions to be happy? When you think about this question it can feel quite intense because you might not have thought that you are just going with the flow of life.

But the majority of us do exactly this. We intend good things to happen but we stay where we are never moving forward because it is comfortable here in this place that we are used to. Are we too comfortable where we are to bring our intention to a better place?

072 "What Are Your Intentions?"

Many people sabotage any great ideas that would move them forward from where they are and stay where they are, they actually hinder their own ideas and when the project fails instead of getting up and wiping themselves off they are happy to say that they tried and everything was against them. Their intentions take them to the easy way out. We’ve all been there and done that!

So how do we activate new intentions?

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