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Don’t get Lost in Affirmations

Affirmations are a wonderful way to start your day. If they are done properly they can bring you to a very positive energy vibration.

They will make you feel awesome, invincible, and euphoric. You will be high on your own What is more exciting affirmationssupply. But affirmations won’t do much more than that. You can’t sit in your house and affirm that you will be successful and wait for success to knock on your door.

Sure that would be great but it is not how the Law of Attraction really works. Affirmations are the kick start to your day just as coffee is the kick start to your day. It is a simple and effective way to raise your energy so you can magnetize yourself.

Affirmations will allow you to draw the conditions and solutions to you but you need to act to make them bring the results you request.

They are not magic. If all you do is say the greatest affirmations each day you will soon become disappointed. Then you will conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. You may feel that all the affirmations are just hocus pocus.

In our book, How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition I write about the key ingredients for ambition. If you read the list, affirmations aren’t even on their. The reason for this is that being positive and feeling good will not bring you the results you want by themselves. You need action to go with it. When you marry affirmation with action you are bringing an Invincible Power to you.

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Affirmations are great. I use them every day as part of my tool kit for success.

But I have some bad news for you. The Law of Attraction isn’t a magical and effortless connection. It feels magical and amazing when you practise it correctly. It may look like it is effortless from the outside but it needs to be done with a clear focus on the result that you are seeking.

Reaching that result can only come from doing the things that the affirmations are inspiring. We talk about the benefits of affirmations in the book,

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W.T. Hamilton, co-author of the book Your Invincible Power
W.T. Hamilton,
co-author of the Your Invincible Power book series