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The Battle of Two

There is a battle happening right now. There are two sides that are fighting. They are both fighting for the same thing, the survival of their very existence.

This battle has no good sides or bad sides. Both sides believe they have the right to exist. Both sides want to dominate. hungarian-173711_640 - The Battle of Two

The only viable option is to co-exist. This is what needs to happen but neither side wants to compromise. Neither side wants to be defeated. But in this battle of two there is a judge. This judge will ultimately decide who will dominate and who will compromise. This battle will have an ending, it will be a happy ending but the road to that happy ending will take time. It is not something that can be resolved over a few beers, more likely it will take many years.

The battle of the two started long ago, as language was developed so were the seeds of this battle. In the beginning, one was to dominate while the other lay dormant. The other stayed dormant for many years and everything was tranquil. But as time persisted and the one grew, this growth lead to the awakening of the other. And so the battle of two began. Continue reading The Battle of Two