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Amazing Things Can Happen!

Amazing things can happen when you let go. Let go of the control and let things develop.

Think about the things that you are trying so hard to do. You want them to happen for you so quickly but they have their own plans. So what would happen if you just let go of the control and let the universe take over?

highway-393492_640 amazingDo you think the universe will amaze you?

My Story Chapter 52 part 7… I was working on this project with my Mom and we kept running into hurdles.

  • First the video editor we were using kept glitching. So I bought a better one.
  • Next the hard drive over heated. I didn’t back up the drive so all the video work was lost!
  • Then the new program was difficult to learn.
  • Also we had time constraints and weather issues.
  • Finally we decided to put the project on hold.

As we let go of the project and relaxed something amazing happened. All of a sudden the video editor wasn’t difficult to use, the time issues resolved themselves, and new opportunities presented themselves.

We found that by letting the universe take control we could slow down and build an even better project than first anticipated. I also gained more time to work on this skill without the feeling of urgency. It was an amazing experience.

The law of attraction states that you don’t control the how.

This is hard to understand and follow because at some point you work with the how. But the key is to understand that you can work with the how but you are still not in control of the how.

Instead you have to learn to read the messages, go with the flow of life and use your knowledge of the universal laws to guide you to success. It is a challenge because this is not the way we normally do things. We are used to being in full control. But what good is full control if you are fighting against the flow. It is like walking against the wind.

So try this the next time you are running into hurdle after hurdle on a project. Step out of the way for a moment and let the universe take control.
When you do, get ready for amazing things to happen.

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