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Twitter Strategies that Grab Attention & Create Success for Your Business

Twitter Strategies 101.

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The first thing any good competent business coach will tell you is you need to have a presence on Social Media. The first question they should ask you is, ‘Do you have a Facebook business page and are you on Twitter?’


Surprisingly, many Startups are not on Twitter. Most companies don’t really know why they should be on Twitter? They almost always have a Facebook business page that very few people interact with but most don’t use Twitter. They don’t even get Twitter.


This is great news for you!

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This means most of your competition are not in this free marketing space. They are leaving it all for you! But the truth is, people that use Facebook don’t use Twitter and vise versa so it means a good chunk of your customer base will not see your content if you only use Facebook.


But here’s the mistake that most businesses do.


Most businesses just post the same content from Facebook onto Twitter. Now let’s think about this. If the Twitter people don’t like Facebook why would they want to see the Facebook content. And you wonder why nobody is interacting with your latest post?


So what do we as smart and savvy business marketers do?

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Well of course, we create a strategy for Twitter. For the next – more that 140 characters – I will share with you some awesome Twitter strategies that have really helped me grow my following, engagement and success on Twitter.

Strategy #1 – Twitter is a news feed.

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If you’ve ever glanced at Yahoo news or your Bing feed you will notice one thing. Headlines. Attention grabbing headlines that tell you there is something you need to read right here, right now! It’s all about having a great headline.

Your headline should say, ‘Hey Reader you need to read this, no wait, you can’t afford not to read this, I mean this is the answer to the problem you’re having right now!’

Yeah it needs to say all that. If your headline isn’t motivating, inspiring, intriguing or stirring some type of reaction then you just wasted your precious 140 characters.


Strategy #2 – Talk to the people that will benefit from your post only.

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You only have 140 characters so you need to use them wisely. This is called targeted communication. The more precise you are with your headline the more room you have left for hashtags. The hashtags allow you to get directly in front of the people who love the kind of content you are creating.

Each letter is highly valuable so you can’t be overly wordy. It’s not Facebook. Nobody wants to read your life’s story in their news feed. They just want to find your headline so keep it under 120 characters so you can group your post by adding some key hashtags.


Strategy #3 – Where’s your link?


You need to add a link so the reader can read your content. Even if you’re just tweeting your thoughts, why not send them to your website or related blog. Post with links are more likely to get likes and shares than ones that don’t. I didn’t make that up, most social media consultants will tell you this. So if that’s what people want then oblige.


Strategy #4 – Use big pictures.

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I have tested this with my blog posts and I have found that big pictures work far better and are overwhelmingly more effective than small pictures or no pictures at all. The catch is, the pic has to be relevant. That’s it. Read this blog  Marketing. Don’t Make this Mistake. Social Media Hack for more on this.


Strategy #5 – Posting on Twitter.


This is probably the most important thing to know once you have a handle on the first 4 strategies. It’s all about posting. Remember Twitter is a news feed so people are constantly checking in and out at random times throughout the day, night and weeks. Most businesses whether it’s a Startup. MLM, small business or large company suffer from this one issue.


There posting strategy is anemic.

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You need a healthy dose of posting each day and various times using the same content over and over again. Your target market won’t get tired of it. They may not click on your post or really have time to look at your headline at the time you post it.


Many times I’ve seen something and thought, ‘That looks interesting’ but I never go back to it because I am looking for something else but guess what happens if I see that same post later on or a few more times? That’s right, I click it.


I will even run a campaign using our latest article for two or three days, multiple times a day then do the same thing the following week and continually get likes and re-tweets. Then I will go back to that article later in the month and months later as long as it is still relevant and can help people.


There are many more strategies including some advanced Twitter strategies that will really make your Twitter experience fun and successful and bring more business to your door step. Please feel free to contact me if you want to learn more.


Share this with your friends and leave a comment below. And start Tweeting.

W.T. Hamilton, Consultant, business consultantAuthor Bio:  W.T. Hamilton is an Expert in the Law of Attraction and coauthor of over 6 motivational books. He is a successful consultant and business coach helping his clients achieve their goals and ambitions.

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