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Text messaging: Don’t Call Me, Send Me a Text!!!

Text messaging can be a powerful communication tool. It is a clear and quick way to share information with someone in real-time.

Go to any public place and you will see a flock of texters texting in a sea of text. But the how’s, why’s and when’s of the text is where the power lay.

So let’s look at when to use “Don’t call me, send me a text!!!”.

In business people like to send emails. They send emails as a reminder for an upcoming meeting. They send emails as a follow up on a meeting or conversation. They send emails to ask questions and find answers. Emails are great but when you want to reference one or look up an older one it can become time consuming especially on a smartphone. Continue reading Text messaging: Don’t Call Me, Send Me a Text!!!

Getting an iPhone for Free?

Getting an iPhone for free?iphone-410324_640

My daughter wanted an iPhone. She had an iPod for the last few years and it had seen better days. She wanted an iPhone for many months. This was something that was definitely on her mind and in her thoughts. The hurdle was, she doesn’t have money for an iPhone.

Opportunity knocks

Not long ago I dropped my iPhone and the screen shattered as they so easily do. It was unusable.  This is where opportunity presented itself. She asked me if she could have the old broken phone. Her plan was to bring the phone to the mall and find out how much it would cost to replace the screen. I gave her the iPhone and the quest began. Continue reading Getting an iPhone for Free?