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Universal Truth – What is the Truth?

What is the Truth?

The truth is that the majority of us seem to be confused when it comes to believing in Universal Laws. There are many teachings of the Law of Attraction and much bewilderment among them. When we talk about putting forth our desire we must be clear in our thinking of what we desire first.

I am not who I was forgotten people TruthThis desire is what we are sure we can accomplish. This doesn’t mean to say you are limited to what you can do it means that you must actualize the desire in your mind first and it must be something that could be real for you.

Why Do I Say Real for You?

Each person is who he/she thinks they are by what they carry in their subconscious mind about themselves. The subconscious is where you hold many untruths about yourself. These untruths tell you that you have to take all what this world has to offer whether you like it or not. When you change your thoughts of who you are, from being someone that feels the limited view of this world, to someone who could possibly be abundant in all that you desire is when you are able to manifest whatever you want.

The problem most find is that they cannot see the possibilities within themselves of the Invincible Powers that they have. However, the truth is if you can see yourself as someone who can achieve anything then the subconscious is able to change its direction of where you want to be. So this idea of limitation of what you now feel must be overtaken to move from the place of limitation.

“Pay attention to your higher nature, and your lower one will simply wither from lack of attention.” Living With Joy, Sanaya Roman, and Orin. 

It Must Feel Real To You

The reason why it must feel real to you is that if you feel that it is over the top and not possible for you then it is hard to believe that it can manifest in your life, and therefore, what you think is true it cannot manifest. However, if you believe in your own ability to overcome any ideas of limitation, and you can clearly see your own accomplishments with the idea you have, then even if it is over the top it will manifest.

Now to add to this you must plant this idea in your mind now and allow it to stay in your now. The mistake many make is that they have an idea but they allow themselves to think of all the limitations and what they may call their past failures and then they go back and forth from their now and revisit their past failures. This is contradictory to the subconscious. The subconscious will stay with the old messages because change really hasn’t been offered or given.

The Truth is that Everyone on this Earth is a Valuable Being.

It is important to feel your self worth through this change of thought and desire. The reason is because when you feel inadequate then you can only bring forth inadequate manifestations to you. Most people feel that to desire the big scary dream (you know the one that they thought previously out of their league) cannot come their way because they have to be a certain person to draw it. They feel that they cannot be clever enough or virtuous enough or even acceptable to bring such a desire to them.

Be conscious to the lifeThe truth is those that are rich and have brought themselves riches from a previously poor life are the ones that feel deserving of the things they desired. They know their worth without a doubt. You have to see your self worth. And you are deserving no matter who you are. The great truth is everyone on this planet is worthy.

When you can see your worth you will start to see the greater pathway to your desires. Without your awareness you allow outside influences to guide you. The negative pathway is offered often when you take this rout in life. When you are aware the universe will bring the ideas, people and circumstances to you. With your new self motivation you can take the action that will bring you to the desire that you would like to see manifest in your life.

The Truth about Self Worth.

  • Self worth is about choosing what you want to think about yourself.
  • Self worth is about Loving yourself for who you are right now and building upon those parts of yourself that feels insecure.
  • Self worth is about letting that part that feels you are not enough, go.
  • Loving yourself means stepping outside of guilt. Don’t allow another to guilt you to be the way they want you to be.
  • Self Love means take control of the powerful part of you that can show love to yourself.
  • Loving yourself means to be true to who you are and taking the path that you desire to take which means not following another persons pathway.

When you take control and love who you are you are changing those old messages that are deep within your psyche. You are giving your subconscious new pictures of a powerful you. With these new ideas the subconscious will not constantly offer those self doubts and messages of fear because they have been overthrown by self worth. And now with these new beliefs of truth about yourself you are able to manifest all what you so desire without a doubt.

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Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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