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Drama!! Say Goodbye To It

Drama – We all have it.

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This Universe has many laws but they are not laws of assertion. In other words we all have the freedom of choice, there is no dictation from the loving laws of this Universe.

What we think about, focus on and feel our way into is what we are inviting into our lives. So all of those unwanted situations and conditions, drama,  have come into our lives because that is where our predominate thoughts have taken us.

The way to work them out of your life is to focus on the good things you would prefer to enter your life. The problem with this is many of us have great amounts of drama which Drama Temp really sucks!!!arrive inclusively packaged from the people that we include in our personal world.

Some of these people seem to live daily with drama and we get caught up in this drama of theirs. If the person in question is near and dear to us we feel the situation is hard to avoid, and before we know it we finish up dragged into their problems even though we may have nothing to do with this drama in the first place. Continue reading Drama!! Say Goodbye To It