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Relationship, Why do People Find Themselves in the Same Old Same Old?

Why do people often repeat the same relationship that they were so uncomfortable in previously?

This is a question many of us ask. We see those that get out of what we call “a bad relationship” to find themselves into the same relationship behind a different face. The face of that person is different but the personality is very similar to the last one. Some people repeat abusive relationships in procession and believe it is mere bad luck. Or worse than that, they believe they are not deserving of anything else. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each person on this earth is deserving of joy whatever way it comes.


The reason this happens is because when that person ended that unwanted relationship they had not changed the vibration of what they wanted in a new relationship. They were still concentrating on all the facts of why they wanted it to end. They mull over all the wrongs that the person did to them. They think about all the reasons why they wanted it to end and realized that they just don’t want to ever repeat that relationship again.

lovers-2019532_1920 "Relationship, Why do People Find Themselves in the Same Old Same Old?"

So what happened?

They focus on what they don’t want. They reiterate constantly all those unwanted aspects of that person. They feel hurt of how destructive it was. They repeat thoughts of how hurtful they felt. These thoughts parade through their mind in continuation like an army of ants building their new kingdom. The problem with this is all those thoughts go out to the universe and the law of attraction ticks them off of the list.

This could possibly be you we are talking about. If so, please realize that the law of attraction is taking this inventory down believing it to be the list of what you are requiring in your next relationship. In other words, it gives to you what you think about constantly.

So, while you are thinking of what you don’t want you have signed the agreement to what you have coming towards you, and that is a repeated relationship of the last one. You have attracted this with your thoughts and the words that you have spoken to your friends, relatives in fact those people who buy into it. In other words, those that listen to your old story and agree with it.

How Do You Change This and Find the Great Relationship that You So Desire?

You let the previous relationship go. You focus on the relationship that you want. You look for all of those characteristics that you want in this new partner such as: attitude, quality img059 "Relationship, Why do People Find Themselves in the Same Old Same Old?"of personality, attributes, appearance, demeanor, viewpoint, behavior towards you. Make lists of him/her. Think of all the ways this partner will honor who you are. Think of how you are deserving of this person, because I assure you, you are.

Forget about the past, no matter how injurious it may have been. Let it go. Once you stop thinking about what has past, and stop talking about it you have let it go. And then the more focused you are on this new relationship which you are seeking the more your vibration will match what you want. This is the way you bring a new, harmonious, healthy relationship into your life. It will find its way to you. It must. It is a universal law.

Make that list!

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company.13 "Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. 2-1 "Attachment vs. Detachment with Universal Laws" Your Friend Pamela We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and the use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation."

We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and the use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

Your Friend, Pamela

3 Easy Ways to a True Relationship

3  Easy Ways to a True Relationship

No one ever comes to this earth to have the enormous responsibility of satisfy another’s needs. Yet this is what most people believe. They believe that the person that loves them must be what they want them to be. They put false expectations on that person and the relationship turns sour after some time, in accordance to how broad a person’s need is that the partner should be who they want them to be. Sometimes both partners live under this mistaken foundation, this is when the relationship becomes quite intolerable for both parties.

When we look for a person to fill all of our needs we will always feel let down because such a person is impossible to find especially a person that we believe we can change. We are all born with certain personality traits and as difficult it is to change ourselves it is difficult for someone to shake off all of those underlying messages that run through their mind about who they are, also."3  Easy Ways to a True Relationship"

So we’ve been delivered some erroneous ideas about ourselves over the years especially from childhood where we took all false messages about who we really are to be truths, and we’ve not only lived with these ideas of how we’re supposed to be, do and act, now we’re asked to be, do and act even differently because we are committed to a new expectation in our relationship.

We ourselves have a unimaginable time trying to make this great change yet-again in our life, so how do we expect another to do that for us? Continue reading 3 Easy Ways to a True Relationship

The Mentor Was a Wise Old Man

The mentor was a wise old man. He had lived a very interesting life at a time when knowledge wasn’t as readily available as it is today. The mentor always seemed to have the answers, even to the questions that didn’t exist in his time.


So he sat quietly and told the mentor the story of his old friend. He spoke in detail, for a few minutes, of the day at the park bench. He spoke about his old friend being lost in memory lane. And then he asked the question…”Why is my old friend holding on so tightly?”


There was silence. The mentor didn’t say anything. The room was filled with an emptiness, the unspoken quiet. Neither said anything more. The mentor was there but he wasn’t there. The mentor was somewhere else. Somewhere where the answers to questions are found. So he sat in silence waiting for the mentor’s response. Continue reading The Mentor Was a Wise Old Man

How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money

Our book How to Create a Positive Relationship with money is about building new views and beliefs. We answer the question, What is abundance and how are we to get it?


create Positive relationship test cover 10We’ve been so conditioned to limitations that it becomes a tremendous obstacle to even entertain the possibilities of abundance. Due to this handicap we have formed a pattern of lack and limitation which is unyielding in our psyche.

Our book will help you to break this pattern and replace it with a positive pattern. Building new ways to see money and new beliefs about money. It will empower you and give you power over money. Continue reading How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money