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What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep

Where does Conflict come from and why do we need it?

We all have those situations that bring conflict in our life. Some are just an uncomfortable circumstance, whereas others become very difficult to deal with, which may make moving on feel exhausting, sometimes painful and often burdensome. Those times make us feel powerless and we then turn to what is known in Universal Laws as our external environment. Our external environment doesn’t have the power that we need to move on from where we find ourselves, and yet it is the external world that most people turn to by default when conflicts arrive.

I found myself in such a place, a conflict had arrived! This website appeared to be frozen, and I found myself anxiously turning, and blaming outside circumstances that I assumed were in play. I didn’t stop to connect with the cause, I just saw the effect and ranIMG_3620 "What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep" with it. Therefore, everything seemed to get worse, as they do. We suddenly couldn’t activate our posts and pages! I panicked and made it worse by deleting my Inspirational Daily Quotes page believing that I could just start a fresh page and it would be okay!! That idea was soon to backfire in the worse way. In other words, everything started to fall to pieces so to speak the conflicts that arrived got much worse. Continue reading What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep

Everyone like their eggs & their opinions in different ways but you never get upset because…



Everyone likes their eggs & their opinions in different ways but you never get upset because the person likes their eggs the way they do.

Opinions are everywhere. They are on the news, on the radio, in our music. Everyone has an opinion on something. But when you hear an opinion that you don’t agree with all of a sudden the emotions soar.


I see it every time Donald Trump says something. Each side of the opinion blows up. There’s debates for and against each opinion. Everything is diagnosed and dissected. The T.V. rating go way up and people are talking. I know that there is a fear that someone like this could end up running the United Stated of America but most of the things being said are only an opinion.


When Kanye West says something the same results appear. Twitter and other social media go bananas. Anyone with a microphone is chiming in on the opinion. But again, its just an opinion. But we live in a world where everyone thinks that we should agree with everyone else. Then someone has an opinion that is in left field and people are shocked. But why should everyone see things the same way?


If you go to the diner for breakfast and one person orders scrambled eggs and the other orders them sunny side up, nobody cares.

But if while eating your breakfast you say you support a certain team and most of the other guests like a different team, watch out. You’re in for a heated breakfast. But being upset at someone’s opinion is as ridiculous as being upset at the way someone likes their eggs.


But I know the problem is that when Donald Trump or Kanye West say something they have the power to influence the receiver of the message. The opinion has the potential to become energy and grow into something ugly. But it only has that potential because we give it energy. When we get upset at a ridiculous opinion and treat it like fact we are giving that negative energy field growth. The more we feed it the more it can grow and become something ugly.


Drama Co-workers how to remove the dramaThis becomes other people’s drama. Then it turns into our drama. All of a sudden we are knee deep in some debate or issue that we really had no interest in. It is important to learn how to keep the drama out of your life. How to not attach feelings to the crazy opinions that people float around for shock and rating. Our book, How to Say Goodbye to the Drama is about doing this. You should pick up a copy.


Opinions are just like eggs. We all like them a certain way and we can’t all like them the same way. So if someone has an opinion that is opposite to yours, BIG Deal, that’s there problem.
Don’t make it your problem.  


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W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small

Break you biggest problem into small problems and tackle those one at a time.

Sometimes a problem can look so huge that you don’t even know where to begin. The truth is, it is probably too big to deal with as is. You need to start breaking it down into "5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small"manageable pieces.

First, forget about how the problem got this big.

At this point it doesn’t matter. Also forget about who is to blame, again that will not help you to deal with this size of a problem. You need to look at the mini problems that make up this massive one. Find four or five sub problems that fuel it and make this thing huge.

Second, look at the list and see what mini problems cannot be solved by money.

Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small