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Your Beliefs and Actions Must Be Unified

Your beliefs and actions must be unified. Your beliefs can’t be opposite to your actions.

To believe you will have but then speak of lack and the toughness of life will not connect your belief to your reality. Your reality is only real right now but the action by way of words, by way of doing, and by way of thinking will create your future.


possibility of next beliefIf your beliefs are married to your possibilities of next, then the limits of your future exists in the strength of your belief in what could be. So to believe in something as being possible it has to become more than something that you wish for or hope for. Wishing and hoping are one of the most dangerous and over used methods of thinking. They are not based in possibility but are based in chance. Continue reading Your Beliefs and Actions Must Be Unified

The Forgotten People. Who is talking to Us?

The forgotten people. Who is talking to us?  There are many people teaching the Law of Attraction. It is a grand topic with many perspectives.

So many books have been written and continue to be written all trying to help others understand and use the Law of Attraction. Our series of books breaks down the Law of Attraction into everyday issues that help the reader learn to overcome each one.

But the reason I joined my Mom in this journey is a selfish one. As I began to learn about this great gift I was having a difficult time finding teachers that I could really connect with. I found that the ones that I were reading were all focused on being positive all the time. They were all focused on the spiritual side of the Law of Attraction. Continue reading The Forgotten People. Who is talking to Us?

Ego and How to Tame It

Ego, an Enemy to us All. These are extremely exciting times. Our human experiences are showing us the way. Life is calling us to wake up—be in the moment, and enjoy the fruits of life.

Regardless, it isn’t easy to always be conscious in the moment because the ego constantly places us at a disadvantage. For thousands of years ancient traditions have been telling us about this assailant that is within us. Buddhism translates it as misery, Hinduism sees it as a collective state of mental illness, Christian religion have called it sin. Charles Haanel calls it the enemy. Continue reading Ego and How to Tame It