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5 Words You Should Never Tell Yourself – Roadblocks to Your Success.

5 Words You Should Never Tell Yourself.

You Need to listen to this Powerful Success Podcast right now. This is not the generic explanation of a list of forbidden words surrounded by the Law of Attraction. This is a real way of seeing how these 5 words block your success and hold you in the place you have always been.

5 words

Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives is a weekly podcast show designed to help you use this amazing Natural law to build the mindset for success. Each week you will learn different ways to see and apply the Law of Attraction in your life.

When you start to learn how to remove these success blocking words from your daily dialogue you will open up the possibilities to so much more. You will be able to start really achieving your goals.

Listen to how each of these 5 words block you and stop you on a subconscious level from achieving. 

5 words

Write down these 5 words and be conscious of them in your daily dialogue. It is in the hidden power of language and internal/external dialogue that creates the reality we live in. This powerful success podcast will give you insight that you have never heard before.

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The Best Advice I Ever Gave Myself – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives

I’m going to tell you the best advice I ever gave myself.

This is a podcast that I recorded to really help people see what is possible. It was some deep insight into getting over the hurdle of trying to be successful.

best advice, mindset for success, law of attraction, podcast

I always struggles to understand what it was I was suppose to do. I battled with myself to figure out how I could be successful at the things I wanted to do. To create something new for me that I’ve never done before. I was chasing the things I wanted in the wrong way.


But then I found the best advice I ever gave myself.


This gave me the direction I needed. It gave me the focus I needed. I realised I was focused on the wrong result. I had the wrong mindset so even though I was studying and using the law of attraction in my daily life I wasn’t aligned with the key thing that would make the law of attraction really work for me.


This was a real breakthrough for me. It was the tide of change that brought me to where I am today. It really was the best advice I ever gave myself.

success, best advice

I am so excited to share this with you. I want you to listen to this podcast episode, The Best Advice I ever Gave Myself. In this episode I give you the answer at the beginning of the podcast and then I explain how it changed my outlook and the direction my life was going in. This will have a positive impact on your life too, I’m sure of it.


If you take the time to listen to this podcast and understand what you can do with this advice you will find the more magical your life will start to become. It was a very powerful moment for me and I know it will be a very powerful moment for you too.


Listen now.


I am doing weekly podcast shows about the law of attraction to help you use this gift in the many areas of your life. These episodes are filled with nuggets and breadcrumbs of knowledge. My goal is to share this with you so you can create the mindset for success too. So you can live the best life you can imagine and reach your full potential.



The Top 3 Reason Why Most People Fail – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives

The Top 3 Reason Why Most People Fail 


There are 3 reasons why most people fail. If you have ever failed it was probably or most likely or definitely because of one of these top 3 reasons.

top 3 reasons, success, mindset, law of attraction

Success is dependent on a few key pillars that will allow you to grow and expand even in the face of defeat. But if you don’t have them then you are in deep Ca-ca!


So let’s look at the Top 3 Reasons Why Most People Fail.


Your Coach is Crazy!

This happens too many times. You have a great idea and you’re really excited about it so you decide to do it. You do it because your motivated. But that’s all you are. That’s all you have. Many times you have talked to a life coach and they motivate you to do it but what happens when the motivation wears off? What happens when you run into a hurdle that’s bigger than your motivation?


Motivation is not enough. Listen to our podcast to learn more.


You Go Too Big Too Fast!

I see this with life coaches and many people that do consulting. They get a few clients and money starts flowing to them and they decide to go all in and leave their day job. But what happens when the flow of clients slows down? If they’re good at what they do their clients will complete what they need from the coach, then what?

Do you want to know how to avoid this?


Listen to this podcast now.


You Want It to Magically Fall into Place!

Building a business is just that. You have to build it. You have to take something that didn’t exist and create something. Most people want the triumph before they do any work. They don’t have any idea of the steps to take to scale the business. They want to be a millionaire in the first few months of opening their business!?!?


Want to learn how to create the steps needed? You know what I’m gonna say – Click the link and listen to our podcast – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives.


Listen to our weekly podcast show and learn many useful tools & techniques that will help you ignite your journey and create the mindset for success.

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The Magic Solution to the Problems in Life – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives

law of attraction, success, mindset

The magic solution.What if you could have whatever you wanted?

What if you could think things into your life? What if?


This is the premise for the law of attraction. But is it the magic solution to the problems in life?

The truth is, you get what you expect out of life but what are you expecting?

What is the story that you tell yourself on a daily basis?

The law of attraction works in a particular way. It is dynamic. It is complex and it is simple at the same time. The magic solution to the problems in life is how you use this universal power on a daily basis, from moment to moment. What are you focused on when your not thinking about the big goals? What is the story you’re telling yourself?


Do you know that you can have what you want once you understand how to get what you want?


There is a key question that you need to ask the universe. This question will open up a new world of possibilities for you. You can learn what this question is and how to use this question by listening to this podcast. Learn how to use the magic solution to the problems in life.

This is a gift of knowledge that we are sharing with you. The Law of Attraction is for you to utilize and create the life that you want to experience. You get what you expect but what are you expecting?


You can learn more about using the law of attraction in your daily lives by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Each week we give you insight and nuggets into using this great gift to improve many areas of your lives.


We also have created a breakthrough mindset training Thinking on Purpose to really help you create the ability to build powerful mind pictures of the life you deserve. You can learn more here.


Listen to our podcast now and get the answers you need so you can use the magic solution to the problems of life.  




What If You Decided Now is the Time? – Law of Attraction in Action

time, law of attraction, success

What If You Decided Now is the Time?

What if you started acting on the ideas that came to you? What if you started listening to your intuition?

These were the questions I asked myself at the end of October 2017. I found myself getting bored with the routine I had. I started experiencing the Lull. You probably know that feeling. When you feel like you’re just sleepwalking through each day.

time, law of attraction, mindset for success

I said to myself, ‘Where’s the excitement?’

I had the success but those are just bright moments in a series of moments.

I thought, ‘How can I extend the feeling and energy of those bright moments?’ Continue reading What If You Decided Now is the Time? – Law of Attraction in Action

Episode 2: Loading Your Subconscious – Using the Law of Attraction Podcast

We are proud to present loading your subconscious – Episode #2 Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives.

This is a podcast style show giving you insight into the ways to use the law of attraction and addressing the many roadblocks people experience when trying to use the law of attraction in their daily lives.

This episode is all about removing doubt and I share an exercise you can use right way to help you identify doubt and remove it from your subconscious.

You will find these techniques to be very useful and once implemented, will have a great impact on your success in using the law of attraction.

Each episode will help you to move closer to manifesting your dreams and desires as I share both how to navigate the roadblocks as well as ways to build momentum and ways to create inspiration in your journey.

Make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on any of these great tools and techniques. This is something new that I have added to my quest to help the world learn how to use the law of attraction.

One of the many reasons for me wanting to share with you these tools and techniques is that I found it very difficult to understand the law of attraction in the way it was being taught. I felt that it was hard for me to process it as I am a skeptic at heart which causes me to really question what is being said and how it is being applied. I felt that the way it was being taught was too spiritual and left me with more skepticism than before. It wasn’t until I stated looking at things from a logical and practical way that I was able to understand it and apply it.

This led me to realize that the way to learn the law of attraction, the little details in how to use it were being left unexplained. It was like you should naturally know how to start thinking positive or how to use affirmations but many don’t know how.

So I knew what I needed to do. I needed to start teaching this as a part of the books or as an enhancement of the books we wrote. To help the reader go deeper into it and really see what you can do with it once you understand why the hurdles exist. What the purpose of the hurdles are.

This is what I start to explain in this episode.

I also mention group training in this video. If you are interested send me an email at success@yourinvinciblepower.com subject line group training.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our book Pick up a copy of our book, Your Invincible Power

See other episodes here

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Using The Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives – Podcast Show

Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives

Using the law of attraction in your daily lives. Episode one.

This is the first installment of my Podcast style show. I was given the idea the way most of my ideas come to me, when I was thinking about something else. It is when the mind is at ease that the best ideas or solutions comes to you, but wait, that’s another episode.

In this episode we are looking at using the law of attraction in our daily lives from the very beginning of using the law of attraction. We are talking about the first things you have to master to allow the law of attraction to start working for you. In truth, we are looking at the first roadblocks that people face when trying to use the law of attraction in their daily lives.

There are many roadblocks in the law of attraction.

It is a simple concept but it is not easy at all. It takes some determination and a great deal of understanding to make it work for you. This is one of the main objectives of this series. It’s to look at the roadblocks that pop up when trying to use the law of attraction in your daily lives and finding solutions.

They are mainly or should I say exclusively solutions that have worked for me. As I became an expert in using the law of attraction I am also a student of it. There are many things to learn and the more I learn the more I can teach.

ebook, author, book, new release

This series is also based on our book Your Invincible Power. It gives you insight and ways to use the tools & techniques in the book to make your life magical. You can pick up a copy of the book here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XXJ2DBS as well as other online retailers.

My goal is to share with you helpful knowledge and tips to make it easier for you to use the law of attraction in your daily life. I decided to do this in a Podcast format after listening to some podcasts and realizing that some of this information is great as an audio training.

Listening to it while you are doing other things. I think it’s different from watching a video and for some reason it seems like I can give you a little more info when I do it in a podcast style, I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful. Also pick up a copy of our book. It’s a great way to help support our channel.