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Dream Big: Where Can Your Imagination Take You?

Dream Big. Dream Bigger. Create the Big Dream


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This is where it all started for me. This was the beginning of what was to come next. How I was gonna get there. I had to learn how to dream big.

Now I know, it sounds straight-froward but it’s not. It wasn’t until I learned how to play a little game. This little game is something  I use all the time. It’s one of the things I talk about in my new book, Money Moves: The Proven Strategy 2 Make Your Dream Become a Paycheck.

But don’t worry you don’t have to download the book to learn about this technique. I’m gonna share it with you right now so you can start trying it out right away. If you want to download the book you can do that too. I’m giving it away for free for a limited time.

Let’s Play the Dream Big Game

So what I do is simply this. I play the ‘What If Game’ It’s a game I learned from another mentor named Robert Z. But what I did is modify it a bit to make it work even better for me.

So let me explain how it works and how I use it to create momentum and success in all areas of my life. SOUND GOOD?

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The first thing I do is I write down a statement. I write down, ‘Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if?’ and then I write something crazy that’s related to what I want to achieve in the next 30 – 90 days. Now when I say crazy I mean CRAZY.


Now I don’t normally do this but I’ma let you in on one of my Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Dream Big statements just so you get a real feel for what I mean by Let’s Get Crazy.

One of the things I’ve actually wrote down on my paper is…

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Oprah Started Tweeting Our Your Invincible Power Book and Featured It In Her Magazine! 

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OK, do I expect Oprah to start tweeting our book (Sorta…) But what this exercise really does is allow you to be creative with what could happen. Sure it’s possible that this could happen. Oprah could anonymously receive our book while she’s visiting a city near by in the near future – i’m just sayin!

But the more creative you can be with the What If Game the more you can engage your imagination. And the more you do that the more miraculous your life will suddenly become. (This is part of the Visualization Training too)

Try this out and see what kind of crazy possibilities you can create for your goals and dreams.

What’s that…You want to learn more about the Proven Strategy?

Click the Link to get instant access to my new eBook NoweBook, success, law of attraction

About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond

Love, Life and Beyond a novel with a non-fictional slant!

Our world is in so much pain, only because we on a whole feel like we have lost our way. I had come across a wonderful and simple solutions to remedy this pain. A simple solution that works. But how was I going to help people to find their way to a joyful life? Then an idea came to me. And this is what conclusion I came up with. I am a fictional writer first. I then wrote and published five non-fiction books on the subjects dearest to my heart about this new discovery that changed my life to wondrous joy. What I discovered was real. How could I blend the two? A much sort out writing coach told me my idea couldn’t be done.


Love_life_and_byeond_4 "About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond, Coming in the Spring."











By then I had discovered the Master Key System by Charles Haanel which says,

“Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discoverer, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience. President said, “It cannot be done,” experience said, ‘It is done.”
– Part 8, paragraph 9

I understood I had to move away from this fear and go ahead and write what my gut feeling was telling me to write. And so, I went ahead and wrote Love, Life and Beyond on what I now call the vulnerability of fear within a fictional story.

I have learned many valuable lessons through my journey by watching other people’s lives. Universal laws are simple but because we have learned so many false premises throughout our lives of how we should act, think and be we have lost our way to finding our joy, which is ultimately why we are here. When I found my way back to manifest anything that I wanted and was able to take control of my life the way I wanted, by doing the things that I wanted to do at all times—I felt I needed to pass this on.


And so the idea was born to show you my valuable readers the way to all what you desire through the lives of these characters in this story.

Through this story you can see what life is inviting you to do and be, through these fictional characters.

In my book Love, Life and Beyond Anne, who is a woman of racist values dies of a brain aneurism. In the afterlife she makes an agreement to go back and change the racist ideas that she had imparted on to her daughter and her family. However, there is a catch—she is born black and doesn’t know anything about her agreement. How can she possibly succeed to save a family who have nothing but hate for her? And what happens when through their hate a hate of her own towards them is born? Through the help of her non-physical mentors a way is lit up. However, Ann now Nova does not know of these non-physical entities or their purpose. Without her awareness, how will these mentors show her the way when she has her own free will of choice and is oblivious to them?

Love_life_and_byeond_6 "About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond, Coming in the Spring."

These lovable mentors not only explain why certain incidents, circumstances and people show up in the characters’ lives but also your life. How can this be?

Read Love, Life and Beyond and find out how this is all possible. You can now buy it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters Indigo. eBooks are distributed to the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Bookstore, Nook Store and the Kobo Store. Also find it on my author page on Goodreads.

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company.

We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and the use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation. 22 "About My New Novel Love, Life and Beyond, Coming in the Spring."

Your Friend, Pamela

Amazing Things Can Happen!

Amazing things can happen when you let go. Let go of the control and let things develop.

Think about the things that you are trying so hard to do. You want them to happen for you so quickly but they have their own plans. So what would happen if you just let go of the control and let the universe take over?

highway-393492_640 amazingDo you think the universe will amaze you?

My Story Chapter 52 part 7… I was working on this project with my Mom and we kept running into hurdles.

  • First the video editor we were using kept glitching. So I bought a better one.
  • Next the hard drive over heated. I didn’t back up the drive so all the video work was lost!
  • Then the new program was difficult to learn.
  • Also we had time constraints and weather issues.
  • Finally we decided to put the project on hold.

As we let go of the project and relaxed something amazing happened. All of a sudden the video editor wasn’t difficult to use, the time issues resolved themselves, and new opportunities presented themselves.

We found that by letting the universe take control we could slow down and build an even better project than first anticipated. I also gained more time to work on this skill without the feeling of urgency. It was an amazing experience.

The law of attraction states that you don’t control the how.

This is hard to understand and follow because at some point you work with the how. But the key is to understand that you can work with the how but you are still not in control of the how.

Instead you have to learn to read the messages, go with the flow of life and use your knowledge of the universal laws to guide you to success. It is a challenge because this is not the way we normally do things. We are used to being in full control. But what good is full control if you are fighting against the flow. It is like walking against the wind.

So try this the next time you are running into hurdle after hurdle on a project. Step out of the way for a moment and let the universe take control.
When you do, get ready for amazing things to happen.

Discover Your Invincible Power.
On sale now enhancedWe have designed this new Book series to help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction in all aspects of your life. Each book looks at a topic and gives you tools and techniques to help you become a champion of each situation.


Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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Security vs. Fear What makes us Fear?

To maintain security in a fearful world. 

I woke up to a loud sound! My husband also woke, “What was that?” I spurted out quite startled.

“I don’t know, but it sounded close by.” He got out of bed and went looking into the other rooms, one by one he looked for some evidence to explain what that noise was.  img080 "Security vs. Fear"

I got up shortly after him and went down the stairs asking, “What caused it? Do you know?”

He replied, “No. Their isn’t anyone else in the house but us. And nothing has fallen or broken.”

“Then we should go back to bed,” was my casual reply.

We both went back to our room and climbed into our bed. Before I drifted off to sleep I listened to the howling of the wind outside of my window, and on doing so it occurred to me how safe I felt. There wasn’t those old feelings of fear that would have been within me had I not known of the powerful universal laws. At that moment I not only had feelings of security but I was proud of myself and how far I had come just by understanding the power of the Law of Attraction. Continue reading Security vs. Fear What makes us Fear?

Intentions, What are Yours?

Do you have intentions to be happy? When you think about this question it can feel quite intense because you might not have thought that you are just going with the flow of life.

But the majority of us do exactly this. We intend good things to happen but we stay where we are never moving forward because it is comfortable here in this place that we are used to. Are we too comfortable where we are to bring our intention to a better place?

072 "What Are Your Intentions?"

Many people sabotage any great ideas that would move them forward from where they are and stay where they are, they actually hinder their own ideas and when the project fails instead of getting up and wiping themselves off they are happy to say that they tried and everything was against them. Their intentions take them to the easy way out. We’ve all been there and done that!

So how do we activate new intentions?

Continue reading Intentions, What are Yours?

Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?

When I first heard about thinking things into your life I thought it was far-fetched. It was a way-out-there concept to me. It was something of a fantasy that dreamers believe because they are not living in reality.

This was how I looked at it. But, as I started to think about the things that I had accomplished in my life I noticed that everything I had done so far was because I believed that I could. I also believed that it was my right to believe it. It was realistic for me to become a supervisor or to buy a nice house or drive a brand new car.

books "Thinking Things into Reality is Far-Fetched?"

These things were not far-fetched so I allowed myself to focus on them. The more I focused on them the more I drew each one of them to me. I had no doubt that I would and could become a supervisor even when I was working on the shop floor. I could already see myself doing it. Same holds true for buying the house. I never felt it was far-fetched or crazy or unbelievable to own a house.

So curiosity started to take hold. I started to wonder, “what if?” Continue reading Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?

Drama!! Say Goodbye To It

Drama – We all have it.

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This Universe has many laws but they are not laws of assertion. In other words we all have the freedom of choice, there is no dictation from the loving laws of this Universe.

What we think about, focus on and feel our way into is what we are inviting into our lives. So all of those unwanted situations and conditions, drama,  have come into our lives because that is where our predominate thoughts have taken us.

The way to work them out of your life is to focus on the good things you would prefer to enter your life. The problem with this is many of us have great amounts of drama which Drama Temp really sucks!!!arrive inclusively packaged from the people that we include in our personal world.

Some of these people seem to live daily with drama and we get caught up in this drama of theirs. If the person in question is near and dear to us we feel the situation is hard to avoid, and before we know it we finish up dragged into their problems even though we may have nothing to do with this drama in the first place. Continue reading Drama!! Say Goodbye To It

Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief

Even your biggest heroes were unknown before they started.bob-marley-151687_640 biggest heroes

Everyone starts somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start. Some people start with better opportunities than others. Some people start with less but the fact is all the people that you have heard of are people who started. They started as unknowns and they built their success from that. This is how they became our heroes.

When you develop self-belief you are able to dream. These dreams turn into events and opportunities to make those dreams real. This vision is born in the mind and developed in the mind first before it can appear in the world. Think about your biggest heroes and think about what they had to overcome to achieve the status that they did. Think about how they were able to do this. This is a key part of becoming self-empowered. This is a key part in living the dream. Learning to focus on having something that seems far, far away is the key. Developing this is not an easy task, but then, what in life is? Continue reading Even Your Biggest Heroes Had Belief