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Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?

When I first heard about thinking things into your life I thought it was far-fetched. It was a way-out-there concept to me. It was something of a fantasy that dreamers believe because they are not living in reality.

This was how I looked at it. But, as I started to think about the things that I had accomplished in my life I noticed that everything I had done so far was because I believed that I could. I also believed that it was my right to believe it. It was realistic for me to become a supervisor or to buy a nice house or drive a brand new car.

books "Thinking Things into Reality is Far-Fetched?"

These things were not far-fetched so I allowed myself to focus on them. The more I focused on them the more I drew each one of them to me. I had no doubt that I would and could become a supervisor even when I was working on the shop floor. I could already see myself doing it. Same holds true for buying the house. I never felt it was far-fetched or crazy or unbelievable to own a house.

So curiosity started to take hold. I started to wonder, “what if?” Continue reading Thinking Things into Reality. Is It Far-Fetched?

W.T interview

In this new interview W.T talks about the book You Invincible Power. He explains that this power is inside you.

W.T talks humorously about working with his Mom in the segment entitled “Way out here” He gives a unique take on this Invincible Power and talks about how famous people such as Jay Z, Oprah and Obama tapped into it to build their success.

In the interview W.T also talks about the experience of self publishing. Your Invincible Power is published by Balbao Press – a division of Hay House. In the interview W.T. talks about the hidden benefits of working with a self publisher. Continue reading W.T interview

Jay Z, Obama & Oprah did it.


Jay Z, Obama and Oprah did the impossible.

Taken from the book “Your Invincible Power” by Pamela Hamilton & W.T. Hamilton

Have you ever wondered why so many people can succeed at things that look impossible?

This is something that use to amaze me. How did Jay Z go from a drug dealer to partying with Warren Buffet?

How did Barack Obama become President of the United States of America? How did Oprah achieve what she did, when she did, in the field that she was working? In their mind it

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wasn’t impossible. In their mind they could see the end result. They focused on the end result and didn’t get lost in the how. They only see the what. This is the advantage that others have. Some have better focus on the end result to bring them success. Some have larger ideas to bring them success but all have one thing in common. There is one thing that sets them apart in their field, one thing that stands out above all. Continue reading Jay Z, Obama & Oprah did it.