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New Year’s Resolutions – Do They Work? Read This Article

Here are a few of my favorite New Year’s resolutions: 

“I’m going to go on a diet.”

“I’m going to quit smoking.”

“I’m going to start exercising.”

I love quotes that make you think and  one that comes to mind here is,

”Tomorrow Never Comes”.

Here are a few ways to make New Year’s resolutions work.

    1. If you have something that you want to accomplish, the first thing you must do is fireworks-535198_640 New Year'stake it from being a “want to do” to a “ must do”.
    2. You must act immediately. Stop talking about what you’re going to do and begin doing it –NOW!
    3. Tell everyone in your life about your goals. This will stop you from backing out and it reconfirms your convictions.
    4. Write your goal down and post it on your refrigerator so you see it every day and read it aloud every day.
    5. Begin slowly at a pace your life can tolerate without being a strain.

For instance, if your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, take one cigarette out of the new package every day. Throw it away and only having one package per day. Every week remove one more cigarette, until one day, you buy a new package and throw the whole thing in the garbage. Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions – Do They Work? Read This Article