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It Is What It Is, Trust Me You Get What You Give

“It is what it is, Trust me you get what you give”. – Drake (From the song Blessing).

I love this lyric because it is all about making the most out of your opportunities. How many times has an opportunity been given to us and instead of making the most of it we wait for someone or something to take charge?


It is what it is, trust me you get what you give is all about intent. It is the intent to make the most out of the opportunity.

This recently came into play for me as I joined the joint venture called the Change Book 10. It is a book series featuring top coauthors sharing insight into self empowerment. Jim Lutes and Jim Britt put the project together and created the platform for all the coauthors to benefit from. But it is up to the coauthors to make the most out of it. Like Drake says, “You get what you give”.The Change With Intent Continue reading It Is What It Is, Trust Me You Get What You Give

The Record Store: Thank you, it was great while it lasted

The record store: Thank you, it was great while it lasted. I use to love going to the record store. It was the main reason I would go to the mall.

I use to look at all the new music that was just released and check out the classic albums too. The vinyl albums had great artwork and all kinds of info on the back. They were huge and The record storeyou could spend hours leafing through each genre, exploring and discovering.

I always went to the record store as soon as I got to the mall. I would spend most of my time there while the girlfriend shopped. My whole teenage years where spent there. But as with everything, the record store started to change. Unless you want to go the way of the dinosaur you have to learn how to adapt to change. This is what we teach and write about in our series of books.

ice age proportions.

The record store vs iTunes. No matter how passionate, how dedicated, how in love you were with the records store, it was only records Thank Youa matter of time before you would need to say goodbye to it.

iTunes killed the record store like the ice age killed the dinosaur.  It was easy access, instant access and a huge volume of music, movies, and all other entertainment. On top of that they gave you multiple ways to play your music on a variety of devices.

As I adapted to the change and seen the benefits of buying my music in this new way I was forced to replace the record store with the restaurant at the mall that serves Beer and has sports on the T.V. Now my wife drops me off their while she shops. Change is rough! But we all have to make comprises.

So I say Thank you to the record store. It was great while it lasted. (I hope iTunes doesn't get into the restaurant business!!!)



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W.T. Hamilton, co-author of the book Your Invincible Power
W.T. Hamilton,
co-author of the book Your Invincible Power