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Episode 2: Loading Your Subconscious – Using the Law of Attraction Podcast

We are proud to present loading your subconscious – Episode #2 Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives.

This is a podcast style show giving you insight into the ways to use the law of attraction and addressing the many roadblocks people experience when trying to use the law of attraction in their daily lives.

This episode is all about removing doubt and I share an exercise you can use right way to help you identify doubt and remove it from your subconscious.

You will find these techniques to be very useful and once implemented, will have a great impact on your success in using the law of attraction.

Each episode will help you to move closer to manifesting your dreams and desires as I share both how to navigate the roadblocks as well as ways to build momentum and ways to create inspiration in your journey.

Make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on any of these great tools and techniques. This is something new that I have added to my quest to help the world learn how to use the law of attraction.

One of the many reasons for me wanting to share with you these tools and techniques is that I found it very difficult to understand the law of attraction in the way it was being taught. I felt that it was hard for me to process it as I am a skeptic at heart which causes me to really question what is being said and how it is being applied. I felt that the way it was being taught was too spiritual and left me with more skepticism than before. It wasn’t until I stated looking at things from a logical and practical way that I was able to understand it and apply it.

This led me to realize that the way to learn the law of attraction, the little details in how to use it were being left unexplained. It was like you should naturally know how to start thinking positive or how to use affirmations but many don’t know how.

So I knew what I needed to do. I needed to start teaching this as a part of the books or as an enhancement of the books we wrote. To help the reader go deeper into it and really see what you can do with it once you understand why the hurdles exist. What the purpose of the hurdles are.

This is what I start to explain in this episode.

I also mention group training in this video. If you are interested send me an email at success@yourinvinciblepower.com subject line group training.

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3 Ways to Make Sure an Opportunity is Right For You – Law of Attraction

unfair advantage, mindset for success, get motivated, opportunity

Life is all about opportunities. It’s all about taking advantage of those opportunities.

Each day a new opportunity presents itself, whether it’s a chance to do something new or meet different people they’re all unique opportunities.


But how do you know you got the right opportunity? How do you know this one is right for you?

3 ways to make sure

There are 3 Ways to Make Sure an Opportunity is Right For You


There are 3 ways to think about it and assess it. It is part of building the mindset for success and it will give you the unfair advantage to help you accelerate your success.

mindset for success, happiness, be inspired

When any occasion presents itself the first thing you need to look at is, How do I feel about this opportunity? Do I feel excited about this opportunity? Do I see this working out for me?


The next thing to do is visualize it.

Visualization, law of attraction

See it play out and really decide if it will help you or hinder your progress.


Next I ask myself, What do I have to do to take advantage of this opportunity? And, Is this something that is going to get me closer to my goal?

Mindset for success, Motivation

Sometimes the new prospect can be a sidetrack in disguise.


There is something very important to know about accepting an opportunity.

I talk about it in the video below. It will boost your understanding of what I’m talking about. It has a potent impact but you must watch the video to get the full benefit of the message.


Watch it Now.


3 ways to make sure an opportunity is right for you is designed to motivate you and inspire you to follow your dreams and understand what makes each event right for you. In the video you will see that there are other ways to take advantage of an opportunity even if it is not right for you.

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This is based off our book, Your Invincible Power and part of my new video series. I hope you found this useful.

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Curiosity and the Law of Attraction. 3 things I Learned from Asking the Question?


Curiosity, law of attraction, personal development, success, books

Curiosity has always led me to a better place.


Opening doors and leading me to the path of good fortune and prosperity. Creating the conditions for my success. I’m often amazed at what I have accomplished and the amount of knowledge i’ve acquired. It is all thanks to curiosity.


Curiosity will unmask the potential


Whenever a choice comes my way, two factors poke their head into my life. Fear and Fortune. Fear will tell me a story of all the things that can go wrong. All the ways I can loose. Scary, negative scenarios that will leave me crawled up in a ball crying for my Mommy!

Curiosity, law of attraction, personal development, fear,


Fortune will set a picture of bliss in my mind. An atmosphere of certain success, wonderful experiences, and the best of outcomes. Both fear and fortune tell a tale that speaks clearly to my emotions, but curiosity doesn’t do this.

Curiosity, personal devlopment, law of attraction

Curiosity only asks the question. What if you can? What if it really works? What if you focus on it?


Here are 3 things I learned from asking the question?

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Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond

Why I chose to use non-physical mentors in my novel Love Life and Beyond.

In my last blog I talked about why I used mentors in my forthcoming book Love, Life and Beyond. In this blog I want you to see how this works and the purpose and value these mentors bring to this story with their guidance and advice. Remember I mentioned, when the mentors speak they are giving internal guidance to the circumstances in each chapter as it unfolds? The mentors explain the choices the characters are drawing from and how these choices, that we all have, may be changed to our own benefit.

Design12 "Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond"

Here is an excerpt from Love, Life and Beyond the novel; the mentors are speaking:

“When individuals come together as a family, they form a group energy field. It’s a merger of soul and energy. The decisions you make within your personal reality, such as the decision to be angry or to be understanding or the decision to hate your fellow man or be compassionate, will affect you, and may affect your children, your grandchildren, and so on. Consequently, because Sonia’s family chose not to live in harmony and joy with their fellow humans, they will feel the effects of hate and anxiety thrown down upon their family. However, if they choose to change this way of thinking and be compassionate and live in joy, then their lives will be a magnet to joy. They will bring the circumstances of love and compassion to them. This is a law. The law of attraction. You all live with this each moment of your lives. It is a law of the Universe. This mental attitude is a human’s personality and is composed of the thoughts you have been creating in your mind; therefore, if you wish a change in conditions, all that is necessary is to change your thoughts; this will in turn change the view in which you see people, which in turn will change your mental attitude, which in turn will change the persons, things and conditions, or, the experiences you meet in life. We IMG_0999 "Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond"watch how this family of Sonia’s lives in utter confusion. It didn’t commence with Nova’s prior personality but by the predominant thoughts of the generations before her. We have brought all of these souls to Nova hoping that her young personality will see what her soul sent her forth to do. It is a big undertaking for a young being, but it is necessary for the family to heal before they can ever enjoy a loving and harmonious life and leave this karmic debt behind them.”

Let me know what you think. Keep in mind these mentors are presented with ideas we maintain for angels. We all have our own guides and teachers, I believe, so these mentors in the book represent those guides and teachers. Although this is a fictional story with passionate issues it also gives good counsel, I believe, which I have taken from the guidance I’ve been given from hundreds of teachers.

Your Friend, Pamela

Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation. 2-1 "Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond"


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Unwanted Situations, and How to Overcome Them

Why do situations constantly happen that we would rather not face?
Why do people show up in those situations who we can’t stand being around?
Why do we keep attracting those situations that are fear based?

These questions are what most of us ask ourselves throughout our lives. However, when we make comments such as, “I can’t do nothing about it,” or “It is what it is” this is much worse because it draws on negative energy which is powerless. Universal laws contradict this way of thinking and shows us often that we do have control over any situation that shows up. Indeed, we don’t have to be stuck just going along with bad situations.

This lead me to really focus on how I could get a more positive message out to as many people as possible. This is when the idea of the non-physical mentors in Love, Life and Beyond shown up. This gave me the chance to establish the concepts of Universal Laws through the mentors interacting with the characters. My idea in Love, Life and Beyond is to show the enormous negative situations in which we unknowingly foster daily, and how universal laws operate within those unwanted or wanted situations.

Check out the book trailer!

What I’ve come to understand is that what we believe in life is inconsistent with these invincible laws that are active within our lives eternally.

Through all my studies I not only witnessed first-hand how we repeat our way of living, but how we trigger the same cycle of situations and circumstances over and over. I now understand why those people come into our lives that we would rather not be there and I can sense in a strong way the reasons they seem to stay there.

When we cling to those unwanted situations subconsciously—and this means when we unknowingly go with the flow, so to speak, we constantly attract those same situations to us. It can be no other way, because this is the truth of how universal laws work.

I felt that if I could show my characters through situations that my readers could relate to, and therefore get a glimpse behind the curtain of how these laws really work then it would
"Unwanted Situations, and How to Overcome Them"make a little more sense and also would, hopefully, be a fun way to master how to use these laws for our own benefit.

The more we obsessively fixate on a negative situation or people in our lives the more they show up. It is the very opposite to what we should be doing. Once we learn out to block them out those negative situation and people actually go away. We then find that negative stuff doesn’t show up nearly as often and we become empowered in a way we never thought that we could.

You can buy my novel, Love, Life and Beyond Now available for order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and over 38,000 retailers world-wide.

Author Bio: 

"Unwanted Situations, and How to Overcome Them"Pamela Hamilton author of  Love, Life and Beyond and is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

 Connect with us on social media and watch for our upcoming release – Love, Life and Beyond. 

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