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How to Find the Perfect Vacation. What is A Perfect Vacation?

Is there such a thing as a perfect vacation?

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
Noosa, Queensland, Australia

I believe implicitly in Universal Laws. I know they work because they have shown themselves often to me now with a truth so strong—it only takes a matter of belief and expectation on my part to activate how I want a situation to turn out.

So allow me to show you how this works.

I was due to take a vacation to Australia and New Zealand via Vancouver. So simply put, me and my husband was about to embark on six separate flights. We would be dealing with airport staff, airport vendors, bus drivers, cab drivers and many other people throughout the journey.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
“A Wonderful view from the window where we stayed in “Hope Island Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Years ago, before I had any knowledge of these Universal laws I would have thought about all what could possibly go wrong. I would have been visualizing people giving us a difficult time maybe our cases weighing too much—or a possible thousand other negative scenarios. However, now I know different and I decided that I was going to have the perfect vacation.

About three months before I was to leave I wrote a sort of affirmation. I stated how wonderful all the people were to us at the airports and all those we dealt with and those who dealt with us. I wrote this as if it had already taken place. I visualized how all the people including our hosts, and people associated with them were fun to be around and how they enjoyed our company also. I saw wonderful people. I felt the pleasure of it all. I felt great appreciation.

I didn’t see the air trip as long, boring and hard to deal with when we was going over to Brisbane. I saw myself handling it very well.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The Magic Box

I wrote this down as if I had written it after the vacation had happened. I wrote it like a short story and then I read it every single morning. I felt excited and happy as I did this. I was able to feel the way I would when this eventually would take place. I felt gratitude for all what would take place before it happened.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The notes I had written before I left for the vacation



had suggested to keep a box and write on it “Whatever is contained in this box… is!” I had had this box awhile back and placed the things that I wanted to take place, or things that I wanted to materialize in this magical box. Pictures, words I had written that I wanted which will manifest if you believe they will. That is the is part. And so, a few days before I left I wrote a condensed version of what I wanted to materialize on this vacation on separate small pieces of paper and placed them in this box.

On the actual vacation it was so rewarding to hear my husband and myself when we reiterated how wonderful people were. Everyone it seemed went out of their way to help us or just be nice to us. My husband repeated how nice this one or that person was. We met some fantastic people on our trip, all who were pleasant and fun to be around. We laughed so much and our hosts were all amazing. We had the best places to stay and with the best people. We loved Australia and New Zealand.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The Southern Alps, New Zealand (They were breathtaking!)

When we arrived back in Vancouver at 9:00 in the morning, almost five weeks later, after almost 14 hours straight flight from Brisbane our hotel room was ready for us, so we could rest right the way! Thank you Pacific Gateway hotel, Vancouver Airport. The people were so helpful and I give so much appreciation to everyone.

This was the perfect vacation and I knew why this all happened. It was no coincidence it was a glorious manifestation at its best. Whatever you think and believe, keep the focus and expect. It will manifest for sure.

Thank You!

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your How to Find the Perfect VacationInvincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela

Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?

Sisters and Sisterhood. Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?

I count myself extremely fortunate to have been born into a family with three sisters and a brother. I was born in Leicester, England and although we didn’t have much money us kids had many great experiences. "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"

When I was eighteen my brother emigrated to New Zealand. I met my husband a year later and we emigrated here to Canada when I was twenty-four. I missed my mom and sisters like crazy. In those days phoning each other was for emergencies and Christmas only, it was way too expensive. And so we wrote letters to each other constantly. I lived to see the mailman bring me a letter, literally.

My first trip home was to watch my dad dying.

He had become ill and I got a leave from work and stayed at my mom’s for six weeks. Helping her to take care of him and reveling in those moments at night where I would sit with him through those dark hours and we would talk. I was fortunate to be with him when he took his last breath along with my mom and three sisters. I mourned for him as we all do when someone close to us dies. I returned to Canada with my two sons and once more life fell into an accepted normal pace. Three years later I had my youngest son. My Mom would come to see me almost every year. In-between her visits I went to see her and my sisters and my aunty Pam, my mom’s youngest sister, who I was named after.

As time went by I could afford to go to England more often.

Ultimately my mom moved to a bungalow and me and my sisters and aunt would all have tea or lunch there with her. We use to laugh and carry on and it was a shear sisterhood that we created. I look at those times so fondly. I loved those times and missed the bond we all had when I got back to Canada.

As the years went by facebook, cell phones texting, emails, and skype arrived on our doorstep. Along with phone charges dropping to two cents a minute which I was able to attain at that time. Yvonne and I was in touch the most. We were close in age and we had hung out as teens together with other friends. She was my best friend. We skyped once a week and phoned texted each other and emailed. We were in constant touch.

In 2008, we lost Janice. She was the baby of our family.

She was only 48 years-old when she died. It was a sudden hurtful blow to all of us. A year later we lost our dear mom. In 2011 I lost Yvonne "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"and my aunt left us two and a half years after Yvonne. Our sisterhood was gone. Those wonderful afternoons at our mom’s house of fun and heartfelt laughter was gone. I was devastated.

My older sister Valerie is still in England. I’m here in Canada. George, my brother is still in New Zealand. But the question is what do you do when you have such a loss. How does your broken heart mend?

A year after Yvonne’s death and a profound and deep year of mourning I got to understand that these wonderful strong women are still in my life. They never really left. It sounds so strange but I’ve learned that there are lots of indicators or messages which manifest evidence of their presence. I researched this as it was important for me to know where they had gone to.

I got into the Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham. Their teachings all makes so much sense to me. Abraham became a great comfort. I believe in Universal laws, and I have been able to activate this vibrational energy and change my life in wonderful ways.

I also read “Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani. I absolutely loved this book because it really explained the whys and wherefores of death. She is such a great writer and articulates this subject so fully, and clearly, in my opinion.

I understand that my family are in a wonderful place. I realize that one day I will be joining them. I understand that mourning them isn’t what they want me to do. I can vision their play and laughter. And I accept that they want that for me too.

I cherish those memories I have in the bungalow where we would laugh and have lots of fun. We were a unification of women in a common cause, to relax and distract ourselves from the problems of the outside world for a few hours. We lived in the bliss of our close relationships. We had a sisterhood.

Yes, they will always be a part of me but now I shed tears of happiness that I’ve been most fortunate to have had these women a part of my life.

A book that I also have found to be fascinating and helpful is called “The AfterLife: Hereafter and Here at Hand (Between Heaven and Earth Book 1) by Giulia Jeary Knap

If you are mourning a loved one please take comfort that they are – and will always be with you, loving you and wanting your happiness. The joy you feel-they feel also. No matter what the relationship was when they left us, I have come to believe that the relationship is "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"much more powerful in non-physical. We are all bonded together in our love and that never fades away.




Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours. Love, Life and Beyond also delves into the After-Life in a profound way.

Your Friend, Pamela "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"



Conflict! How do you Cope with Discord when You Are Confronted with it?

Conflict seems to play a major role in most people’s life experiences. The question is how should we react when the drama and conflict shows up to avoid being involved within it?

First, we have to understand what makes us react. What are our thoughts telling us at the immediate moment the conflict arrived on our doorstep? We have to be aware of what conflict initiates in our mind when it presents itself. The ego plays a major role in our reaction to things. Ego thoughts are those of resentment and grievances. It tells us we’re the victim and constantly reminds us of all the reasons why this conflict manifested. The "Conflict! How do you cope with Discord when You Are Confronted with it?"ego places blame and the more injured emotionally you feel the more the ego mind can maneuver you to more of what you don’t want, and that is profound drama. The ego will often hurl you to a place you would rather not go. At times losing the people you love because the ego loves to take advantage of the helpless you.

Where does the helpless me come from?

There is a false sense of the helpless me. It stems from fear. It is the thinking mind, the ego part of thoughts that is persuasive. It is the thinking part that actually convinces the helpless me to react out of a false awareness. Conflicts present themselves constantly and all they are is a situation or a person that says or does something opposite to what we agree with. It then becomes an unconscious psychic struggle. In many cases resulting in a hurtful clash. For some people a clash that may never resolve itself, or worse changing the relationship to “my enemy”.

We are not helpless. We are much more powerful than we believe. When we are in our power we have no need to allow the ego to take control. We are in control of our lives, and any situations that conflict presents.

When we are in our power the victim part of us dissolves into the backdrop of our lives. The helpless me cannot be in full force if we understand our ego mind and the way it works.

How do me and W.T handle this?

All who have read our articles and books and have been on this website before hopefully now know that me and W.T are mother and son. We work together. However, we have many different ideas. I am more spiritually centered and W.T is the logical part of this arrangement.

We often have disagreements to what our vision is. We are frequently far apart when it "Conflict! How do you cope with Discord when You Are Confronted with it?"comes to which way we should move our ideas forward. Our different age group plays a major role in how we handle things. Nevertheless, we have learned to agree to disagree. We have given each other permission to be who they want to be. Sometimes my hair stands on end and my eyes roll when I look at some of W.T’s youtube videos. And I know for sure W.T doesn’t share my endless chats about Esther Hicks, Abraham.

So what!! What is the big deal if we don’t agree? Why should we break up this wonderful partnership because we see things differently?

You see, there will always be disagreements and conflict in life. It is our reaction to it that makes it painful or not. The next time it presents itself in your life listen to what your inner voice is telling you. Is it the ego at play leading you on the wrong path? Listen. Always listen to the voice that is speaking. Is your self-talk really you, or is it the helpless you, the ego that has full control?

Take your control back. Listen to what the thinking mind is telling you and then change it harmoniously to where you would rather be in life. Simply put, reach for happiness first to avoid the pain of conflict. In other words, don’t take life quite so serious.


Your Friend, Pamela

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that "Conflict! How do you cope with Discord when You Are Confronted with it?"we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.



Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers

Calling All Angels and abraham-Hicks Lovers

Since I came to an understanding of the Law of Attraction and the teachings of so many teachers and mentors I absolutely became fascinated with Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham. This is why I place Abraham quotes on our website every day. Even so, I had already started to write the book Love, Life and Beyond many years before this. I had had "Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"the idea of non-physical mentors before I came across Abraham. I found the more I delved into this phenomenon the more it made total sense to me.

I had put Love, Life and Beyond on hold while life seem to take over.  I then lost my youngest sister, Janice at 48-years-old and a year later my mom, and then two years later my best friend and sister Yvonne.  I was completely devastated. Within a span of three years they were gone. It was a year after Yvonne’s death that I came across Abraham-Hicks teachings, so timely, when I was searching for answers to why they had suddenly gone from my life.

I soon came to the understanding that they are still with me

I came to understand that life is fleeting in a physical sense, regardless, our conscious mind lives on forever. I had stopped writing the book for quite a few years but realized that this book needed to be  "Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"written. I not only poured myself through the stories of these families in this book but I felt an obligation to pass this idea that I had of non-physical mentors forward. I had to explain how life reacts to our way of thinking. I feel close to Abraham and the way the realignment of energies is interpreted in such a sensible way. All we have to do is use our good feeling thoughts, so simple!

Here is the youtube book trailer for Love, Life and Beyond

When I understood the knowledge based ideas of, “A belief is only a thought you keep thinking,” I started to use it in my life instead of following what everyone else was saying and doing and began to take control of my life. In doing so I realized how this Law of Attraction and Abraham stuff worked by watching other people’s lives. We can all see what our friends, family members and associates are doing wrong first before we see the mistakes we make ourselves in life.

I used the mentors to illustrate this concept more clearly

This is the way to take control over our lives. As I have said in other articles. If you are not a big fan of non-physical mentors or angels, then you can certainly read the story without taking in the messages that these mentors deliver. For those of you who, like me,  follow Abraham, however, I believe that you will find some strength in the mentor’s guidance.

Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy

Your Invincible Power is another book that me and my son have written together. I believe that if you enjoy Love, Life and Beyond you will find that Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy will take you a step further on your journey. We have "Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"renewed, re-energized and rejuvenated Your Invincible Power with more tools and techniques. We now invite you to renew, re-energize and rejuvenate your life so that you too can take control over your own life and bring to you all those desires that will improve all aspects of your life, just like Abraham advises us to do.


Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company.

"Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"

We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use of the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

Your Friend, Pamela

Imagination: How to receive YOUR check NOW from the Law of Abundance

This check is paid out to you if you follow these steps.

ang blog check




IMAGINE what it would be like if you couldn’t imagine things?

You can’t.

This is a paradox.

What I mean by this is…

The moment you try NOT to imagine is the exact moment you bring the imagination into existence!Agn blog pic Paradox

Our imagination is, our ability to think creatively and solve problems makes us a force to be reckoned with.



Well, the imagination is all around you. It is every materialized object that has been brought into existence and every object that has yet to be. It is the thoughts that we use to create the physical world around us and that we are able to experience through our senses. The imagination is at the base of it all and the tool in which we use to manifest things into our life. Continue reading Imagination: How to receive YOUR check NOW from the Law of Abundance

Drama in Health. Part Five

How to Clip the Tie to Drama that Binds You to Ill Health

Please read these other blogs first to get the full picture of how this works successfully.

Part One: InIncurable ebook cover test 2vincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness.

Part Two: The Law of Attraction in Understanding Health.

Part Three: The Importance of Our Cells and How they Work on Our Behalf.

Part Four: Cancer, A Positive Approach

Drama is a Big Part of Illness Because the Ego Loves Drama in our Lives.

I wrote about a recent disturbance in my body in this book which may interest you. Here is a part to explain how drama activates illness also. From our book: “Your Invincible Power, How to say Goodbye to the Drama”:

Recently I had come down with a disturbance in what I believe is my good health, while away in another country. Why I call it a disturbance is because I trust my cells are doing a wonderful job within my body. And so when this happened I tried to see it as a smaproduct_dramall disruption for a short while. Now my husband said, “It was probably that spring water we got from up in the mountains and you were drinking it right from the spring.” I couldn’t see this as truth as it was spring water, right? Whoever heard of spring water right from the rocks being contaminated but my husband went right into panic mode saying, “Don’t drink anymore and we’ll boil what we have left of it,” Which we did. He ran out to the store immediately and bought more bottled spring water!

Little Did I Realize that the Drama had Started!

When it went on I found myself wondering what had I done to bring this to me, it seemed that everything I ate just ran through me. Different people asked, “What did you eat?” “What did you drink” I had eaten and drank the same as my husband so it didn’t make sense that I could incur some bug when he didn’t. All the time I was quite aware that only I could have brought this on through my

  thoughts. The question was what thoughts did I harbor that was a disturbance to my inner  health?

Some drama comes quietly inside of us. We blow up thoughts that have silently been reiterating inside our head. We mull them over by just observing them and not wanting them. I had observed more than once some unhealthy ways of others and in my mind I took on the drama of what I saw. I wasn’t aware at the time that it had bothered me and when something bothers you it places fear where there was none.

I went through the normal drama of ill-health when it hit which was questioning what was happening, feeling slightly sorry for myself, and upset which I found myself fighting off. To tottering from that to understanding that it was this sort of thinking that was leading me to those old fears of not being in control.

I have read countless books and have been studying this same subject and was aware how thought can easily provoke fear. I had shed light on the course now I needed a way to change the effect. I had to take my thoughts off of the drama of it, meaning take away the thought of what was happening in the immediate moment and focus on health.

However, I came to understand from the many books I had with me that I had to focus on the health I wanted, not what I had. In other-words I had to forget that I was in discomfort, which means not to focus on the worry of it, but instead to see myself healthy again as if my health had already returned. I admit it is hard to do but I was able to recover from rheumatoid arthritis so this shouldn’t be anything, right?

Well to do this I really had to face the part of me that wants to activate the drama of it. You 072 "Drama in Health"know that part that says, ‘You’re sick. Remember how you feel right now? And it’s not going away!’ So meditation was to be next on the list.

Meditation is so powerful, it calms you. I was able to feel the presence of the strong healthy part of me. I was able to focus on those 50 trillion cells working to keep me alive and healthy. I have appreciation to all that I am in my fullness, which means that the bigger part of me, my Source Energy part is basking in health, all I had to do is join that part of me.

After five days of giving in to this disturbing invasion I found my way back to the healthy state I was in before the attack.

Nothing Can Come Into Our Experience Without A Vibrational Invitation Of It


I had to remember that nothing can come into my experience without my vibrational invitation of it and that all that is expected of me is that I pay attention to my vibrational offering then I could move through this without worry.

I allowed mysConnected to energy abraham-hickself to respond to what I was observing. I placed my trust in outside events and became vulnerable to my thoughts which left my cells to respond to the balance of those thoughts. In other words the signal I was giving to my cells was of ill-health. Negative thoughts that are focused on can only bring negative conditions.

This is the pattern that arises when we listen to someone talk constantly of ill-health.

  • If we listen to it day after day our subconscious takes these thoughts in.

  • The Law of Attraction matches each thought that you have.

  • We then see it on television in magazines and everywhere because we attract more thoughts and what we believe is proof of these untrue thoughts.

  • We find that it then becomes a dominant thought.

  • We cannot get this thought from our mind.

  • We now have entered the dangerous place of possibly attracting this illness.

  • We then have a long and sometimes arduous journey of changing our thoughts and leaving those negative thoughts behind.

We Have to be on Guard to all Negative Thoughts of Illness Before they Build some Momentum.

What most of us do is place complete truth over the diagnosis. We have been taught to do this since we were children. We believed everything that the doctor told us. This is where we invite illness into our experience. I want to show you an experience that most mom’s, including myself, have encountered at some time with their child that gives some validity to what I am saying. From our book, Your Invincible Power, How to Say Goodbye to the Drama:

The Power of Thought in Children

This is how powerful thought is: We tell our children, from as soon as they are able to discern what we are saying, that when they are sick they need to see a doctor. They don’t understand what doctors really are only that the doctor can make them well again. And so quite a lot of the time when you take the child to see the doctor the child will suddenly perk up (in the office before they have seen the doctor). Where as they had a very high temperature previously their temperature will drop, in some cases the child makes a speedy recovery. I remember the women I use to work with telling me how their child was so sick, maybe they had kept them up all night, but as soon as they were in the doctors office they would be running around with all kinds of energy which made “mom” look like she had over-reacted. For the child the idea of the doctor presents wellness, without the actual medicine. It is when they understand that doctors and medicine go together that it changes. However, some adults also feel relief at the doctors office even before they have actually seen the doctor.

This is verification of how the mind works. This is why it is so easy to invite illness into our experiences. Unlike children we have had many years of belief in conventional medicine. I don’t think badly of doctors most doctors including my own, who I had for thirty and more years, was a wonderful person. The rheumatologist I had also is absolutely wonderful with a sunny spirit. She actually made me feel good when she walked through the door, that is what sort of a positive presence she gives. Mostly they are all doing what they have been trained to do—that is to find some sort of complication and then a solution if there is one. But I have learned for myself that focus thought which they have when they look for something that as gone wrong in a body will materialize, and as done. And once they have found something they often send us to another doctor who will take on even more focus on what is found, while the first doctor moves to the next patient. It’s like being part of the relay team in a race they pass on the baton to the next team member while we stand and watch.

Our body is responding to our thoughts ceaselessly. Which tells us that we have complete control over our bodily conditions. If you have been diagnosed with a condition that seems to be incurable think of the people that left their hospital beds and like them change your thoughts around to better feeling thoughts. Those people including my dear friend believed that they had nothing to lose. They decided to live the rest of their lives in happiness. At that moment they chose to live again and they did. This is how the universe works…to be continued.

In part six next week I will give to you The Most Valuable Exercise That You Will Ever Encounter.

Your Friend, Pamela


Learn about On sale now enhancedthe Law of Attraction. Read books from our Your Invincible Power book series 




Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

info@yourinvinciblepower.com Your Invincible Power Company 402 Huron st, Woodstock ON Canada N4T 7A7


selfgrowthBrain and the Genius: Be the Genius you were born to be.

How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box

In our book “Your Invincible Power” I spoke about my work in Family Services, which was a great eye opener for me. I was deeply moved by the parents that struggled with life through wrong choices. The consequences were great, their children were taken away.

Those parents believed that the circumstances were beyond their control and grappled to understand why this had happened to them. All had their story, and with each family we, the access workers, were drawn to them to a certain degree and they to us. Of course doing a job that was so wrapped up in rules and regulations certainly limited most of our association with them to kindness at its best. This tied our hands to help them any further than our job required.

What I have learned since then is that following a path that moves us to step out of that so called ‘Box’ that we have become comfortable in can lead us to a life that we choose "How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box"instead of one that is dictated to us. We all have a choice to do this. Continue reading How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box

How to Experience Anything!

IMG_0976 experience anythingExperience Anything! If you could experience anything right now what would it be? What would you like to experience at this moment?

If you could have that experience right now. No waiting. It could be yours, what would it be? This experience can be yours. You can have it. You can bring it to you. This experience is not as far away as it seems. You can have that experience right now.

First, you have to quiet your mind. Stop thinking about everything that is going on right now. Find a quiet place where you can sit. Be comfortable. Make sure it is a place where no one can distract you. A place where there are no external noises. Continue reading How to Experience Anything!