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Words. How Do They Affect Our Lives?

Words can be powerful. They can shape ones view of the world. They can encourage greatness.

Words can be uplifting or abusive. They have the power to stop something from happening or can be the fuel for the fire.

The truth is, words have energy.

fountain-pen-447576_640 wordsThis energy can be negative or positive. The opinions of people fueled with negative emotion can be a recipe for disaster. You can look to the aftermath in Ferguson for example. The words that came from there were powerful and grabbed the attention of the nation and beyond. More recently we can see how written words fueled terrorism and worldwide fear in Paris.  I was directly affected by this when traveling to the USA this week. A routine border crossing was anything but routine as the security was heightened in light of the attacks in Paris.  This is how powerful words are. Although I was not following the story and really had no opinion or value to add to the conversation, I was effected by it. Continue reading Words. How Do They Affect Our Lives?