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What the Quiet Voices Whisper? You 5.0

Voices tell tales of potential and inadequacies in the moments when your attention is elsewhere.

As your thoughts travel to dreams of what could be, the voices are waiting to remind you of your restraints. For every possibility there is a voice of reason telling you of the unreasonable expectations that you hold. It is in the tale of the story of limit that the whisper spins it’s lies.


Do you realize there are two voices inside your head? Do you know that there is more than one story that is being told? Continue reading What the Quiet Voices Whisper? You 5.0

Promoting: When the Writer Became the Promoter

Promoting, it felt more like selling most days. There was no joy in the process for her so she always looked for ways to avoid it.

She felt most alive when she was creating. This was her gift, her love, her way of contributing to the world. Promoting was something that others could do for her. She was more than happy to pay a few extra dollars and let someone else do the promoting.


promotingShe adored writing, she had control over the story, the characters, the twists and turns. It brought a significant sensation of joy whenever she created these magical stories. She was also elated to share her stories with the world around her. To be engaged with the fans of her work brought excitement and pleasure within. She was a writer, not a promoter. Continue reading Promoting: When the Writer Became the Promoter