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How to Become Truly Centered and Manifest a Life of Your Dreams

Becoming Centered is to find the true you in your story.

When you’re centered you realize you’re the person you should love first. The person you should respect and only want the very best for. This is where your invincible power actually lies. Regardless, it may be that your parent or parents taught you to believe in yourself and "How to Become Truly Centered and Manifest a Life of Your Dreams"then the rest of the world took the power away from that belief. You may have been taught that you had to sacrifice your happiness to make others happy. There has been a prerequisite, so to speak, from this world and that is: you must not be centered in love for yourself for it is selfish.

And yet the opposite to this is the truth.

If you’re not centered in love and respect for yourself, you cannot honestly give love and respect for others and truly mean it. This is why so many relationships do not work out. Universal Laws always work in the opposite direction to our beliefs. And so if we can’t find true love for ourselves we cannot attract those wonderful people, places and situations that we so desire into our lives.

Some people are so far from there center that they feel they have to control others to receive what they want or feel they need.

This is the truth about how Universal Laws operate:

  • When people try to control others to act the way they want them to, it never works.
  • When people try to manipulate others to do what they want them to do, it never works.
  • When people try to influence others for the purpose of making themselves happy. They will not gain happiness from it.
  • When people threaten others with fear it may seem to work for a short time before their own life starts to fall apart. They will never find happiness this way.

The reason this happens is because they are looking to others to find their happiness. This is the void that we talked about in the previous article. They believe that if this other person will act and do what they want, then they will feel contented. Universal laws always tell us that if we are centered in our love for ourselves first and foremost, then we don’t need any other to change the way they think and act for us. Simply put, when a person is centered they attract others that are also centered in love for themselves and do not need another to change their ways to make them happy. Both parties in this sort of relationship can feel joyful without convincing the other to be what they want them to be.

When you are centered:

  • You manifest the right situations to you that bring you joy.
  • When you feel in your center you attract those people you want to be around.
  • When you enjoy being who you truly are you attract abundance in your life easily.
  • When you are centered you do not fear what others think about you."How to Become Truly Centered and Manifest a Life of Your Dreams"
  • When you are centered you are not in fear of unwanted events.
  • When you are centered you love your own company, as well as others.
  • When you feel in your center you only attract a life of joy.
  • When you are centered there is no void to fill.

If you find it hard to love and respect yourself this is the Universe showing you that you are in a state of resistance.

  • You always feel an emptiness.
  • You feel down about yourself.
  • You believe that you do not stack up to others in your life who you may look up to.

You know when you are truly centered because you feel happy, joyous and alive.    

Feeling centered is about detachment from unwanted things. It is letting go of the attachment to that voice which is at the helm of those misguided thoughts of unworthiness.

We’ve all been there. The changes that I have found since I’ve come to understand these infinite laws is: life does not work out to my advantage if I ignore my strong feelings of negativity. In other words, when I meet head on with a negative choice, situation or person and ignore any strong feelings of conflict, I see negative consequences soon enter my life. To the contrary, I always feel good when I make good feeling choices.

“Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body”Abraham-Hicks

These feelings are our guidance. We have called it intuition, perception, sixth sense and premonition among many names. These deep feelings are your discernment of the choices in life which you are offered. This guidance is your invincible power which will keep you "How to Become Truly Centered and Manifest a Life of Your Dreams"centered to find good feeling thoughts. This is what W.T and I talk about so much. This is why you have to feel your way through life. This invincible power within will guide you through those negative thoughts you contemplate daily. You become alert to those warning bells, and the opposite of that is the good feeling sensations when it is to your advantage.

In our Book, Your Invincible Power, Open The Door To Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy  you will find many answers to the questions you have. This is a book of guidance to bring you to the life that you want to manifest. We wrote this with you in mind, who are coming to an awakening to the real you.

In Part Four I will tell you how to: Use Your Invincible Guidance System to Manifest the Life You Would Rather Live.

Your Friend, Pam"How to Become Truly Centered and Manifest a Life of Your Dreams"

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.


When You Feel Inadequate How Do You Find Your Own Self-Worth?

Part Two: If I feel inadequate how do I find my own power?

I have been studying these Universal laws for many years now and have watched, not only what has been showing up in my life but in others also. What I have come to understand is that we tend to look for negatives more easily than the positives in life. We often feel inadequate and we try to cover this idea with many complaints. This is a psychological activity which we’ve been conditioned to. This shows up in how we respond to those situations which make us feel valueless and inadequate.

I realized how much I complained.

I found fault in outside circumstances and gave blame to those circumstances or people for what was happening to me, which, at the time I thought was unfair. I didn’t understand that every unwanted event, person and circumstance that entered into my life was being attracted by me and no one else, by the very thing I complained about. We all do this because it has been a prior condition to give emphasis to our inadequate view of other people. Which in turn is a comparison to our profound feelings of our own inadequate self. Simply put, we have been trained to grumble our way through life. We do this constantly without thought. We criticize, censure and disapprove of situations, events and people who show up in our lives that aggravate it.

Like everyone else I didn’t understand clearly what these inadequate thoughts was doing to me.

The more I complained the more I stressed the unrevealed inadequate feelings in me. The danger in this is more experiences and circumstances would be attracted to show me my inadequate side. Simply put, it would prove to me that I was what I had been led to believe I was, an inadequate person.

The truth revealed: I am amazing, brilliant and powerful. I obviously didn’t think of myself this way. Most of us don’t. We seem to draw on our shortcomings easily and wonder why they keep showing up in our lives.

What was revealed to me is so interesting. Those people that complained endlessly about the things they didn’t want—those endless unwanted things was showing up in their lives relentlessly.

I watched those who live and enjoy life and it would seem nothing really went wrong for them. In other words, they got what they wanted and expected. I came to the awareness "When You Feel Inadequate How Do You Find Your Own Self-Worth?"that these Universal laws were very powerful and that we do choose the life we want even if it is by default.

Our power is from within

But what I really came to understand was we have to get to that centered place in our lives of love for ourselves first. Our power is actually within. It’s about the way we treat ourselves. Some questions to ponder are:

  • Do you respect yourself?
  • Do you show love to yourself?
  • Do you see your own brilliance?
  • Do you see yourself as a deserving person?
  • Do you see yourself as much more than adequate?
  • Do you see yourself living a joyful life?

If these questions seem to be out of the range of what you think of yourself then you are not in your own powerful center. This means that you are not allowing the genuine you, the person you were born to be, and the life you were meant to live into your experience.

“Don’t get hung up on the hard times, the challenges. Tell your story by highlighting the victories. Because it’s your victories that will inspire, motivate, encourage other people to live their stories in greater ways.” Iyanla Vanzant 
  • When you live from a false premise of who you are you cannot attract the experiences that you were born to attract.
  • You cannot give love and receive it if you don’t love yourself enough.
  • You cannot be prosperous if you are thinking thoughts of poverty.
  • You cannot gain health if you are thinking of illness.

These all go against Universal laws. This is why you have to change the way you think. This is the way you become powerfully centered.

My life changed completely since I understand this Universal law. I live in joy most days but I still see things manifesting to complain about. The difference is I stop myself. I actually pull myself away from the thought of complaining.  I pivot to a better thought. I center myself to a better place.

In Part Three, you will find out how to become truly centered, and manifest a life you want.

Our book, Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, also provides answers to these unanswered questionslaw of attraction, success, mindset, personal development "When You Feel Inadequate How Do You Find Your Own Self-Worth?"





Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

"When You Feel Inadequate How Do You Find Your Own Self-Worth?"

Request: Is the Universe Sending You That Which You Asked For?

Request, this is how they say we get things using the law of attraction. You imagine it, you request it, and then you wait for it.

This is the simple process that will bring you the life you deserve, but have you noticed something? Have you noticed that the universe is a non-physical entity? Do you realize that the universe has no arms or legs? So when you send your request, how will the universe deliver?

I use the law of attraction in my daily life. I use it to help me focus on achieving the things I set out to achieve. I use it to help me experience the things I want to experience. I am constantly learning new ways to use the law of attraction to help me attain the life I deserve. But something I learned in the beginning of this great and wonderful journey was how my request would be delivered. Continue reading Request: Is the Universe Sending You That Which You Asked For?

Appreciation is a Must!

Appreciation is a must to manifest anything. On page 127 of our book, “Your Invincible Power,” is written: “We all love the people that cherish our values, and we all need to be valued. Remember when you learn to appreciate you are activating reverence back to you.”

On Amazon our book received some wonderful reviews from six amazing people and I want to really bestow my appreciation upon those six people, J Kahele, Sam G, Heather G, Erik Christian, Ready Reader, and Jaideep Khanduia. I give to them much Gratitude for they have contributed by passing on the gifts which conscious thought brings to each of us.

"Appreciation is a Must!"

This is how it works: when we can assist one another, in some way, we facilitate that same support which will, in turn, assist us on our journey. When we can give value to another we bring reverence back to ourselves. With each day take the time to give value to as many people as you can and watch what comes back to you. Some days I feel like I live in perpetual joy. This is how loving this universe is. This is how it gives back to us. Continue reading Appreciation is a Must!

What Would You Like To Manifest?

What would you like to manifest today?

What experiences would you like to have?

What is it that you wish to achieve?

What is it that you want to feel?fractal-18771_640 what manifest

These are the questions you need to look at to really bring the things that you want into your life.

But did you know, all you need is your what?

This is where you start. Don’t get lost in the how. The how will find you only after you decide on the what. What do you want to manifest?

The WHAT is the need

Continue reading What Would You Like To Manifest?

How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box

In our book “Your Invincible Power” I spoke about my work in Family Services, which was a great eye opener for me. I was deeply moved by the parents that struggled with life through wrong choices. The consequences were great, their children were taken away.

Those parents believed that the circumstances were beyond their control and grappled to understand why this had happened to them. All had their story, and with each family we, the access workers, were drawn to them to a certain degree and they to us. Of course doing a job that was so wrapped up in rules and regulations certainly limited most of our association with them to kindness at its best. This tied our hands to help them any further than our job required.

What I have learned since then is that following a path that moves us to step out of that so called ‘Box’ that we have become comfortable in can lead us to a life that we choose "How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box"instead of one that is dictated to us. We all have a choice to do this. Continue reading How Dr. Wayne Dyer Stepped Out of the Box

Understanding Manifestation

Understanding Manifestation Do you ever wonder how it is possible for you to manifest some things easily, when manifesting others are almost impossible?

fractal-19017_640 ManifestationI believe this is the one major problem we all have who take this seriously, and we do see the results of some great manifestations but not others. Sometimes, when we try to (and really want to) manifest certain things, we go against this very natural law of abundance. Deep within our psyche there is a hidden voice that repeats that we don’t deserve the well-being that is really ours. It is very easy to get caught up in being the victim and although we may believe we are focusing on what we want, we are actually expecting the opposite to happen.

We allow the voice in our head to dictate to us; “Well you didn’t really think you could bring that to you. Like you deserve that in your life!” For many of us this voice is constantly repeating; you may not detect it but it’s there. Feelings are your best indication you are on the right path. When you feel doubtful or anxious you are more than likely in the low energy field. Any diminishing thought that doesn’t bring excitement will not manifest what you want and need in life. When you feel the richness of enthusiasm ringing through your system, you will know that there isn’t resistance. That’s when you will manifest what you are asking for.

“You create your thoughts, and your thoughts create your life. Do you like what you have created? Contemplate yourself each day and you will unravel the mystery of not what you are but who you are. Ron Rathbun, Meditation Teacher.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

By listening to these negative voices, we are actually preventing good stuff from manifesting because we resonate with negative energy. This energy is not in alignment with what we are asking for. Tapping is one of the great ways to gain confidence, to be in the energy field of allowing. It is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

EFT is a form of therapeutic massage, this treatment uses tapping technique instead of needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points on the energy meridians we have in our bodies. This self-help technique utilizes the principles of psychological acupressure to remove the obstruction to this energy field. Tapping the same meridian points is known to successfully release emotional and physical blockages. These techniques are best used when you feel those negative emotions. (Feel free to watch this videos on how to practice this simple but effective technique. You can find these useful videos on this website, on our Facebook page and on our Google + page).

We have many hidden voices reeling us in to false beliefs and swaying us from wonderful outcomes in our life, which is a burden if we let this way of thinking control us; this is when we feel completely unhappy with our life. When we are not conscious to the messages that life (the Universe) is showing us, we go through our lives with blinders on, so to speak. This is when we allow anything that comes our way, usually in conflicting conditions and situations as well as the people that we associate with, control our lives.

“It’s as though, within these negative influences, there’s a hidden virus whose invasion
of our psyche goes unnoticed.” David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D.

Our book, Your Invincible Power, gives many ideas, tools and resources to help you jump over the hurdle of limitation in your life, and to leap over the barrier of fear.

Once we face the fears that enter our lives we often find that we, ourselves, have made those fear ideas far larger than they actually are. In fact, the fear that objectifies itself into your life can be just as easily extinguished.

Think positive thoughts. If they feel good go with them. Any thoughts that display worry, anxiety, or give you the feeling of emptiness, are thoughts that will lead you on the wrong path. When you feel good, when you feel enthusiasm and joy, you are on the path to drawing all the well-being that you desire to you.

Remember, don’t pour oil on troubled waters. Think positive and fear will stay at bay.

If a man’s mind becomes pure, his surroundings will also become pure. BUDDHA (c. 563-c. 483 BC)

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Your Friend, Pamela


Author Bio

Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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Pamela Hamilton, Author of the book Your Invincible Power
Pamela Hamilton,
Author of the book
Your Invincible Power