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Limits – Are You the Next Costumer?

Limits woke up one morning and found that he had no place to stay. So he gathered up his things and he went on a search for someone that he could influence and affect.

Limits was a very convincing fellow. He could show you all the reasons why you couldn’t do something. He knew just the right words to say but he also needed the right audience. He was looking for a particular person.

And so, the search began.

He knew this person needed to be at the beginning of a journey. He also knew that this person would most likely be unsure of whether they could reach the goal and would be looking for a sign. Limits had one job, to keep people from achieving their goals.

Now the way limits looked at it, he was just saving the person from a degree of disappointment and hardships. He was just keeping them in a comfortable life, so he was doing them a favor. Limits liked his job and looked forward to doing his job. Continue reading Limits – Are You the Next Costumer?

Self Talk and the Will

Let us place our right to be rich in an healthy position. The number one problem in gaining prosperity is that we believe we should be contented with what we have. Therefore we repeat these messages of limitation and become satisfied with the idea that we have all we should have.

“It is the truth that there is no such thing as poverty; that there is only wealth.”
Wallace D. Wattles, 1860 -1911 (The Science of Getting Rich)

rubber band self talk
If we are in a difficult place financially we haven’t permitted the messages to penetrate that we have a right to be rich, as yet.

When we work two or three jobs to get a decent living then we are denying our right to the full abundance that we deserve. When we are working so hard and more of our waking days are taken up with physical exertion the money we acquire through such hard work doesn’t serve us. Have you noticed that all the hard earned bucks seem to piddle away so easily and those amazing possessions that you work so hard for seem to get further and further away from your grasp? This is because you were not meant to work so hard for what you want from life. None of us are meant to have such difficulty in gaining wealth. The whole of the Universe was set up for you to be abundant in every way. Each of us have been given amazing gifts which we are to discover. We know when they show up because they are our hidden talents and these talents are very creative. We all have them. The Universe is trying very hard to show them to you.

Let us talk about those creative talents and how to recognize them when they show up.

In our book, ‘Your Invincible Power,’  it explains : “Think about the last time you was really motivated and excited about something or a situation in your life. How did you feel? When you know what you want in life when your desire reveals itself the feelings you put into it are the glue to make it work and stick to you. You have to feel that same excitement and motivation that you felt that time previously.”

To bring these creative powers to us we have to learn to use our will against this negative self talk because it takes a good amount of will power to overcome the voice that reminds us of the limitation we have lived with up until now. Wealth is the biggest mountain to get by for most of us. To even believe we can possibly have a life that is financially abundant we must first have a clear vision of how we want our life to be, and we must keep our attention upon that vision. This is hard to do because our mind will present many conflicting ideas which can lead us away from the wealth that is rightfully ours. We do need to use our will power to guard against these opposing messages of untruths.

Sometimes a better way to understand the difficulty of these self limiting ideas is how we place these thoughts in our mind, on page 87 of our book, Your Invincible Power,’

W.T. suggests that: “Instead of saying, “I can’t afford that,” you need to say, “how can I afford that?” This changes the intent. The objective is to change the voice that limits you.

Feel your own reaction when you are confronted with a bill that you feel is high, or the reaction you feel when you want something and believe it is out of your reach. Many times it presents itself through emotions but other times it is the voice that says, “Wow! That is really expensive, how do they expect people to buy that” or “I love that, to bad I can’t afford it.” Change the intent around to the positive field. Use your will power so it can serve you not work against you. There is a Universe of riches just waiting for you.

Use the will to stay on course in view of any negative self talk which could deter you from your purpose. So seek the truth and use the will to overcome those lies and see where your life takes you.

“You cannot retain a true and clear vision of wealth if you are constantly turning your attention to opposing pictures, whether they be external or imaginary.”
Wallace D. Wattles, 1860 -1911 (The Science of Getting Rich)      

Your Friend, Pamela

"Self Talk and the Will"Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.


The Cost of Learning


learning guy "The Cost of Learning"The smartest person is the one that knows they have much to learn.


It still amazes me that people will spend thousands of dollars on a degree or diploma to specialize in a field of study because they will graduate from a certain school, with no guaranty of success, but they will not spend a fraction of that on a seminar or a webinar for fear of getting scammed!?!?!?

If you limit where you get your knowledge from you are limiting your chances for success. The younger generation knows this. They are exploring everything, learning in non-traditional ways, using non-traditional tools to grow their knowledge on any subject of interest.

Why is that?

Are they smarter than their predecessors? Do they have access to information that is not available to the rest of us? Or are they not afraid to explore and learn from many different avenues.


learningYou see, we live in the information age whether you like it or not. People who are focused on success are looking for the advantage so they can achieve a head start. They go to the internet and research a subject and watch videos, take webinars, read articles all for one reason. They want to get a head of you. But wait, you are reading this so you are getting a head start on those that are watching TMZ right now.

Growth only stops when you decide you no longer need to grow.

Your ambition doesn’t need to have a limit. You can keep reaching. I work out at the gym and realized that I had stopped challenging myself. I was lifting the same weight for a few months so I decided to become stronger and lift more weight each week.

The same holds true for knowledge. You can decide to learn more about a subject. The more you know the better advantage you have. You should never be satisfied with what you know about a certain subject. You should constantly try to discover more and become better at what you do and know. One way to achieve this is to surround yourself with people that know more than you about certain things even if those things are not the subject at hand.


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Because learning about other things will often spark something in your brain and allow it to make a connection with the subject at hand.

learning road "The Cost of Learning."I call it, creating the conditions to bring success into your life. Successful people know how to succeed and you can learn and grow just by being around them. You can inspire them to grow while at the same time become inspired.

Are you focused on success?

To create the conditions for success you first have to focus on it. You have to think about success all the time and make no apologies for your ambitions. Your ambition is your fuel for your success, whenever anyone tells you that you can’t do something, they are (Usually unknowingly) taking away your ambition. Don’t let them. Stay focused on what you believe you can accomplish. When someone decides to take a seminar or webinar, often people make comments that are discouraging about it. Negativity is like a pass time for some people. If you feel that you can gain some knowledge and further your growth then forge forward. Actively seek success and draw it to you.

How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition
How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition

At the end of the day what you are really looking for is happiness and a feeling of accomplishment. Your ambition will bring this to you as long as you don’t let someone kill it. You must guard it and protect it. Grow it and nurture it. Groom it until it is ready to blossom.

Understand there is a cost to learning.

Whether you learn in a class room at night school, on the job, or at a seminar or on-line course, everything cost time and money. But what is more expensive is the cost of not learning.

  • Missed opportunities because you didn’t set the conditions for success.
  • Missed opportunities because you were not prepared when the chance to succeed came your way.
  • Missed opportunities because you let someone kill you ambition.

                            What price can you put on that?

                             Can you afford to stop learning?    


W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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W.T. Hamilton
W.T. Hamilton